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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tommo think about human sacrifices before the feast?
(a) He thinks it is a way to take power from an enemy.
(b) He thinks it is an exaggeration from sailors.
(c) He thinks it is necessary to the harmony of the cosmos.
(d) He thinks it is a grave religious ritual.

2. What does Tommo say is the Typees' one outlet for aggression?
(a) Warfare with the Happars.
(b) Execution of criminals.
(c) Warfare with the Europeans.
(d) Cannibalism.

3. Where are there other similar Stonehenge-like sites?
(a) In the heart of the ancient cities.
(b) Near old battlefields.
(c) By the coast where people used to trade.
(d) Near burial grounds.

4. How do the women dress for the feast?
(a) They wear robes of feathers and flowers.
(b) They wear elaborate batik skirts.
(c) They wear only loincloths, with flowers in their hair.
(d) In tappa skirts, wrapped in flowers.

5. What is a synonym for taboo?
(a) Forbidden.
(b) Special.
(c) Exceptional.
(d) Unique.

6. What is amar made of?
(a) Mashed up mangoes.
(b) Raw breadfruit.
(c) Fermented breadfruit mash.
(d) Roasted seaweed.

7. How many husbands do most Typee women have?
(a) Three.
(b) One.
(c) Two.
(d) As many as they like.

8. What does Tommo use to make popguns for the Typee children?
(a) Wood salvaged from a shipwreck.
(b) Bamboo.
(c) Bones.
(d) Breadfruit shoots.

9. How is scented coconut oil made?
(a) It is stored in a special nut after being sun dried.
(b) Spices from Tahiti are added to the oil.
(c) Young girls add scented flowers to the oil.
(d) Oil is only collected from certain coconuts.

10. Where is there an ancient, Stonehenge-like site?
(a) Near the shore.
(b) Near the mountains.
(c) By the stream.
(d) In the Happar territory.

11. How is the fish catch divided among the Typees?
(a) The fish are divided into portions for everyone.
(b) People keep their own catch, but give a percentage to the elderly and poor.
(c) The people keep the fish they catch.
(d) The catch is divided according to who has put in the most work fishing.

12. What rumor does Tommo hear when he is at the Ti?
(a) That Toby has died.
(b) That boats have come.
(c) That Happars have come.
(d) That Toby has fled.

13. What do people own individually?
(a) Their pi-pi.
(b) Their fruit trees.
(c) Their spouses and children.
(d) Their labor.

14. What is Tommo disgusted by in how the Typees eat fish?
(a) They eat them raw.
(b) They eat the fish in seaweed.
(c) They mash them up with breadfruit.
(d) They eat the little fish they find in the bigger fishes' stomachs.

15. What sight astonishes Tommo but not the Typee mothers?
(a) Five-year-old children 100 feet up in trees.
(b) Five-year-old children eating human flesh.
(c) Five-year-old children swimming with sharks.
(d) Five-year-old children walking on fire.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tommo see when he comes back from the Ti one day?

2. What does Tommo figure out about Marnoo?

3. How does Kory-Kory describe the Typee heaven?

4. On whom does Tommo say the Typees practice cannibalism?

5. What do children use to climb coconut trees?

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