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Lauren Barnholdt
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Courtney tell Jordan is bothering her?

2. What does Courtney think of Ben's friends?

3. In Courtney's flashback, what does she tell Jordan is her 'new thing'.

4. Why does Mr. Brewster look a little panicked when Jordan suggests that he and Courtney are still making the trip together?

5. Why doesn't Jordan tell Courtney how he really feels?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Courtney's flashback, why is she so upset when she is talking to Jocelyn?

2. What happens when Jordan arrives at his brother Adam's place?

3. What does Courtney come to realize after Jordan drops her off at Lloyd's dorm?

4. In his flashback, what do Courtney's father and Jordan disagree about when they meet in the mall?

5. Who is the first person that they see when they get to Boston University, and what does Jordan ask of her?

6. How does Courtney get through the first day of college?

7. Why does Courtney refuse to talk to Jordan, aside from her anger with him for keeping this secret from her?

8. What does Jordan say to Courtney's father when he calls yet again after Adam slams the door in his face?

9. What has Courtney realized that she has learned from everything that happened?

10. What does Courtney ask Jordan regarding her father and his mother, and how does he respond?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What does Courtney realize on her way to orientation the next morning? How does this realization impact her? What happens before, during, and after orientation that gives her a bit more confidence in herself? What reservations does she have?

Essay Topic 2

What is Jordan's new roommate like? How does he compare to B.J. who was Jordan's constant companion during high school? What similarities exist? What differences? What advantages does Jordan see in having such a roommate? Disadvantages?

Essay Topic 3

Where does Courtney go after she leaves Lloyd's dorm? What is her intention? What is different about this building when compared to the one she just left and why? What suggestion is made to her? Who calls her as she sits on the bench? What does she learn from that phone call?

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