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Lauren Barnholdt
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Courtney go to Jordan's dorm?
(a) At one in the morning.
(b) At midnight.
(c) At four that afternoon.
(d) At two in the morning.

2. In Courtney's flashback, what does she tell Jordan is her 'new thing'.
(a) Smoking.
(b) Eating shellfish.
(c) Dancing.
(d) Swimming in the ocean.

3. Why is Courtney having a difficult time checking into the Bellevue Motel?
(a) She has to provide a two hundred dollar security deposit.
(b) She has to have identification saying she is eighteen.
(c) She has to have a valid credit card.
(d) She has to prove she is planning to stay alone.

4. What secret does Jocelyn reveal to Courtney?
(a) That B.J. told her he loved her.
(b) That she is pregnant.
(c) That Jordan made up the MySpace girlfriend.
(d) That her father is a unfaithful.

5. How far away from Middleton are they?
(a) Two hours.
(b) Three hours.
(c) Twenty minutes.
(d) Ninety minutes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jordan find Courtney?

2. How does Jordan describe Jocelyn and B.J.'s relationship?

3. How old is Courtney?

4. How many messages did Courtney find on her phone the first morning of school in Boston?

5. Where does Lloyd tell Jordan that he thinks Courtney went?

Short Essay Questions

1. What has Courtney realized that she has learned from everything that happened?

2. How does Courtney get through the first day of college?

3. How does Courtney explain her emotional breakdown to Jordan after she pulls herself together?

4. What happens when Courtney goes to Adam's dorm to see if she can spend the night there?

5. In the flashback segment, what does Courtney say to Jordan before he tells her that he wants to break up with her?

6. In Courtney's flashback, why is she so upset when she is talking to Jocelyn?

7. What does Jordan tell Courtney that he has learned from this whole situation?

8. Why does Courtney try to convince Jordan that they should forget the side trip to Middleton on the way?

9. How does B.J. discover that his 'stalker' is actually his girlfriend, Jocelyn?

10. What does Jocelyn reveal to Courtney after her melt down at Burger King?

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