Objects & Places from Two-way Street

Lauren Barnholdt
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A social networking website that was incredibly popular in the days before Facebook.

Jordan's TrailBlazer

The car that Jordan's parents bought him.

Hooking Up

The phrase used by the characters in this story to refer to casual kissing or sex.

The Bellevue Motel

Where Courtney and Jordan both stay instead of with Lloyd and Adam respectively.


These are events where students can drink and have fun, but primarily seem to be hooking up.

Courtney's Country Music CD

What Courtney listens to instead of Jordan's rap for the whole trip to Boston.

Rap Music

Jordan loves this music, but Courtney hates it.

Lloyd's Dorm

Where Courtney is supposed to stay on the way to Boston.

Lloyd's Polo Shirts

Lloyd seems to wear nothing but these, something Jordan notices and points out.


Courtney and Jordan stop off at here to see Lloyd and Jordan's brother.



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