Daily Lessons for Teaching Two-way Street

Lauren Barnholdt
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Lesson 1 (from Courtney - the Trip, Jordan - the Trip, Jordan - Before, and Courtney - Before)


When Jordan first talks to Courtney at the dance on the night they meet, he soon realizes that she is different from the girls he is used to dating.

The objective of this lesson is to examine how Courtney differs from the girls Jordan is used to, and why she appeals to him despite that.


1) Initiate a class discussion into Jordan and Courtney and how they interact with each other. What makes her different from his usual girl friends?

2) Break the class into groups and discuss how dating strategies differ. How is Jordan's approach to dating different from Courtney's?

3) In short essay form, select any mammal and define the mating strategies they use. What kind of rituals or habits do they observe?

4) In essay form, examine what makes us select a particular partner. What do we look for in a mate and why? How do...

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