Two-way Street Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Lauren Barnholdt
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Essay Topic 1

What does Jordan discover that challenges his relationships with his parents, his girlfriend Courtney and her parents? How is this discovery made? How does he feel at the time?

Essay Topic 2

What offer is made by Courtney to Jordan while they are in Miami? How does he respond? Why does he respond the way that he does? What does Courtney think of his response?

Essay Topic 3

What does B.J. mention in Miami that makes Jocelyn mad? What statement does he make that she responds so negatively to? What is her immediate response, and how does Courtney try to diffuse the situation?

Essay Topic 4

Why does Jordan decide to split up with Courtney? What excuse does he give her, and how does she take it? What is the real truth? Are his motives honorable or misguided? Explain your answer.

Essay Topic 5

Who does Jordan run into...

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