Two-way Street Character Descriptions

Lauren Barnholdt
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One of the main characters of the story who will be attending Boston in the fall, and not the type who usually plays games.


Another main character in this story who is a little arrogant and a bit of a poser, who freely admits to being spoiled.


A much larger than life character who is outgoing and often quite impulsive, this person has been a stalker and a supportive friend.


Slightly immature in attitude, this person takes things very literally and sarcasm is often missed, but at the same time can be very perceptive and sensible when others are wrapped up in themselves.


This character seems to wear nothing but polo shirts, which reflect his slightly unimaginative personality.

Courtney's Dad

This person is having an affair, and is the reason that Courtney and Jordan break up.

Courtney's Mom

This character only appears...

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