Two-way Street Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lauren Barnholdt
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Courtney - the Trip, Jordan - the Trip, Jordan - Before, and Courtney - Before

• Jordan broke up with Courtney, but the road trip to college together is still going ahead

• As far as Courtney knows, he is dating someone new he met on MySpace

• Courtney would rather fly now, but her parents are insisting that she follow through with her plans

• They would like her to understand that her decisions have consequences

• When Jordan finally arrives, Courtney is mad because he is late

• She has planned the whole trip and emailed it to him, but he doesn't seem to care
• Jordan begins to load Courtney's things into his trailblazer, amazed at how much she is bringing

• B.J. calls him to gossip about the party they'd attended the night before

• He tells Jordan that Courtney is now dating Lloyd who she has been friends with forever

• She...

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