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Velma Wallis
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What question does Daagoo ask himself to help him choose the direction in which to search?
(a) "How would I go if I needed a larger cache for food?"
(b) "How would I go if I need to stay close to water?"
(c) "How would I go if I couldn't run from predators?"
(d) "How would I go if I were afraid of The People?"

2. What emotions had the betrayal originally created in the two old women?
(a) Hate and fear.
(b) Love and loneliness.
(c) Forgiveness and tolerance.
(d) Courage and patience.

3. Why does Chi'idzigyaak refuse most visitors?
(a) Disinterest.
(b) Fear.
(c) Pride.
(d) Embarrassment.

4. What erases the bad feelings between Chi'idzigyaak and Ozhii Nelii?
(a) An embrace.
(b) Explanations.
(c) Tears of joy.
(d) Understanding.

5. What emotion does Chi'idzigyaak feel when she looks at the hunters?
(a) Gratitude.
(b) Relief.
(c) Resentment.
(d) Dismay.

6. What larger animal do the women remember how to trap?
(a) Moose.
(b) Caribou.
(c) Badgers.
(d) Muskrats.

7. Where do the women cache their dried meat?
(a) In an underwater cave.
(b) Hanging high in a tree.
(c) In a hole lined with willows.
(d) Behind a grove of bushes.

8. What does the chief decide to do about the terms the old women set?
(a) Overrule them.
(b) Ignore them.
(c) Respect them.
(d) Bargain with them.

9. What do the first visitors bring each time they come to see the old women?
(a) Shells and hides.
(b) Caribou meat.
(c) Jerky and hides.
(d) Furs and moosemeat.

10. What kind of caches do the women devise?
(a) Under water.
(b) On the ground.
(c) Underground.
(d) Standing.

11. What do the women gather before they respond to Daagoo's call?
(a) Food.
(b) Courage.
(c) Wood for the fire.
(d) Clothing.

12. What does Sa' tell Chi'idzigyaak they have to do when they hear Daagoo's voice?
(a) Be brave and face them.
(b) Kill the four hunters.
(c) Burrow down and hide.
(d) Turn and run.

13. What should The People always do in hard times, according to the chief?
(a) Prepare for the worst.
(b) Band together.
(c) Send out the weakest.
(d) Eat less.

14. After they have cached enough food, what are the women still afraid of?
(a) Physical weakness.
(b) The return of the cold.
(c) Other people.
(d) Predatory animals.

15. What does Sa' perceive when looking at the faces of the hunters?
(a) They mean no harm.
(b) They have not been eating well.
(c) They are not happy.
(d) They are exhausted.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Daagoo notice about the snow around them?

2. What act of weakness on the chief's part would have cost him his position?

3. Why is the direction chosen by the women senseless to Daagoo?

4. What does Daagoo first assure the women?

5. How does Daagoo respond to the question the hunter asks him?

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