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Velma Wallis
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Daagoo first assure the women?
(a) "We are your friends."
(b) "We will help you back to camp."
(c) "We mean you no harm."
(d) "We will save you."

2. What do the women gather before they respond to Daagoo's call?
(a) Clothing.
(b) Courage.
(c) Food.
(d) Wood for the fire.

3. What does Daagoo give the women that causes them to trust him?
(a) Food.
(b) A message from the chief.
(c) His word.
(d) An amulet.

4. What is each of the men conditioned to do?
(a) Lift heavy weights.
(b) Walk all day.
(c) Hunt without tiring.
(d) Run long distances.

5. What does Daagoo think may have caused the scent?
(a) The movement of a caribou herd.
(b) The first blossoming of spring flowers.
(c) A hidden cache of fish.
(d) The remnant of a summer fire.

6. Where do the women decide to move because they are afraid?
(a) A spot that is safe from predators.
(b) A less desireable spot.
(c) A spot that is safe from insects.
(d) A more desireable spot.

7. Where does the chief's bitterness show?
(a) In his frown.
(b) In his sleeplessness.
(c) In the lines of his face.
(d) In his rude attitude.

8. What do the women apply to their skin?
(a) Muskrat grease.
(b) Bacon grease.
(c) Moose grease.
(d) Bear grease.

9. How do the women protect their cache of dried fish?
(a) Buried sticks.
(b) Sand traps.
(c) Fires.
(d) Thorn bushes.

10. Why is the direction chosen by the women senseless to Daagoo?
(a) It is far from the caribou trails.
(b) It is far from the spot where moose gathered.
(c) It is far from water.
(d) It is near where mosquitoes breed.

11. What does Daagoo notice that the other hunters do not?
(a) The campfire was still warm.
(b) The snow was melting.
(c) A food cache had been dug nearby.
(d) The bark had been stripped from the trees.

12. What does Chi'idzigyaak believe about the hunters?
(a) They have come to steal the food of the two women.
(b) They are here to help the two women.
(c) They are here to trick the two women.
(d) They are up to no good.

13. How do the men feel about following Daagoo in pursuit of the scent?
(a) Frightened.
(b) Excited.
(c) Reluctant.
(d) Cautious.

14. What act of weakness on the chief's part would have cost him his position?
(a) Taking the old women back into the band.
(b) Asking for help.
(c) Invading another band.
(d) Relinquising his leadership.

15. What does Sa' perceive when looking at the faces of the hunters?
(a) They mean no harm.
(b) They have not been eating well.
(c) They are not happy.
(d) They are exhausted.

Short Answer Questions

1. What erases the bad feelings between Chi'idzigyaak and Ozhii Nelii?

2. What hope does Daagoo offer the people as they find no sign of the two women?

3. What question does Daagoo ask that the other hunters cannot answer?

4. What do the two old women want Daagoo to tell them immediately?

5. What do the first visitors bring each time they come to see the old women?

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