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Velma Wallis
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Chi'idzigyaak say the young people think about them?
(a) They are without skills.
(b) They will die soon.
(c) They are foolish.
(d) They are useless.

2. In what do the women sleep on the first night of their travels?
(a) A cave.
(b) Under an overhanging boulder.
(c) A snow pit.
(d) A tree.

3. What kind of work do the women do?
(a) Indoor.
(b) Burdensome and time-consuming.
(c) Planting and harvesting.
(d) Light and easy.

4. When do the women agree that they will talk about their feelings?
(a) On the next day after arriving at the old campsite.
(b) Never.
(c) After the fire is burning and they are warm.
(d) After the camp is made and the shelter is built.

5. What causes Sa' to cry for the first time?
(a) Her body is too stiff to move.
(b) She is fatigued and exhausted.
(c) She feels sorry for her friend.
(d) She feels defeated.

6. What wrong impression does Chi'idzigyaak say they had given the younger people?
(a) They were useful.
(b) They were foolish.
(c) They were helpless.
(d) They were childish.

7. Why can't Sa' get up in the morning after the fourth night?
(a) Chi'idzigyaak is holding her down.
(b) She hasn't eaten.
(c) Her legs have lost their feeling.
(d) She didn't sleep.

8. What causes Sa's circulation to start again each morning?
(a) Massaging her legs.
(b) Crawling around the campsite.
(c) Limping around the campsite.
(d) Jogging around the campsite.

9. Why don't the women camp in the more protected area of the forest?
(a) They want to stay by the river.
(b) They want to stay by the lake.
(c) They can't walk any farther.
(d) They are afraid of forest wolves.

10. How do the women know when rabbits live nearby?
(a) There are prints in the snow.
(b) There are wolves lurking nearby.
(c) There are willows.
(d) There are droppings on the ground.

11. What is the first thing the old women do to save themselves?
(a) Set traps to catch rabbits.
(b) Save the embers from the fire.
(c) Gather sticks to build the fire.
(d) Melt snow to make drinking water.

12. What does Sa' gladly realize on the fourth night?
(a) Spring is on the way.
(b) They have reached their destination.
(c) They are on the right trail.
(d) They will survive.

13. What had The People done with the women's personal possessions?
(a) Left them for the women.
(b) Divided them up to share.
(c) Sold them to a passing group.
(d) Stolen them.

14. What unusual character flaw do the two old women possess?
(a) They complain of aches and pains.
(b) They refuse to help the children.
(c) They criticize the labor of others.
(d) They tell lies.

15. Why does Sa' say they are both like babies?
(a) Because they cry.
(b) Because they stopped caring for themselves.
(c) Because they are dependent on others.
(d) Because they are helpless.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Chi'idzigyaak think will happen to Sa' if Chi'idzigyaak gives up?

2. What is the first skill the old women recall?

3. What animal does Sa' kill?

4. What do the women make to guide the rabbits to the snare?

5. How did Chi'idzigyaak get her name?

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