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Velma Wallis
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sa' have in sufficient quantity for both of them?
(a) Food.
(b) Hope.
(c) Determination.
(d) Water.

2. What does Shruh Zhuu do with his time?
(a) Wrestles and runs.
(b) Provides for his mother and the old ones.
(c) Sings and dances.
(d) Hunts and fishes.

3. What protects Shruh Zhuu when he freely voices his opinions as a child?
(a) The favor of the chief.
(b) His youth and innocence.
(c) His mother.
(d) His grandmother.

4. What sound do the women hear in the dead of their first night that wakes them from their sleep?
(a) A coyote's howl.
(b) An owl's screech.
(c) An animal's cry.
(d) A human cry.

5. What do the women use as pulling sleds?
(a) Moose hides.
(b) Caribou skins.
(c) Woven willow branches.
(d) Woven babiche.

6. What do the women find on their fourth night of walking?
(a) A slough.
(b) A forest.
(c) A cache of dried fish.
(d) A river.

7. What does Chi'idzigyaak say the young people think about them?
(a) They are useless.
(b) They are foolish.
(c) They are without skills.
(d) They will die soon.

8. What danger lies in crossing the frozen river?
(a) Broken shards of ice.
(b) Slipping and falling.
(c) Hidden cracks in the ice.
(d) Unseen obstacles.

9. What clears Sa's head when she wakes up each morning?
(a) Sleep and squirrel broth.
(b) Bright light and cold air.
(c) Cold air and sleep.
(d) Squirrel broth and bright light.

10. What do the younger men provide for the old women?
(a) Dried fish.
(b) Snowshoes and weapons.
(c) Food and clothing.
(d) Wood and water.

11. Who sets up shelters for the old women?
(a) Younger men.
(b) Children.
(c) The chief.
(d) Younger women.

12. What do the two women use for shelter the first night in at the old campsite?
(a) A sheltering tree.
(b) A hanging boulder near the creek.
(c) An old tent frame they found.
(d) A snow pit.

13. How does Sa' feel when she sees the campsite where they had camped many years before?
(a) She is disappointed.
(b) She is exhausted.
(c) She has come home.
(d) She is too tired to care.

14. What is Ozhii Nelii afraid of?
(a) The People might shun her.
(b) The People might leave her behind.
(c) The People might cannibalize her.
(d) The People might banish her.

15. What do the younger women do for the old women?
(a) Cook their food.
(b) Clean their campsites.
(c) Sew their clothing.
(d) Pull their possessions to campsites.

Short Answer Questions

1. What had the women done with their walking sticks?

2. What are the women trying to avoid by covering their faces?

3. What causes frost inside the caribou skins?

4. What is not tolerated in this environment?

5. Why do the women check their snares during the night?

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