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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jing-Mei say she put the sweaters her mother knitted in after she died in the end of the story?
(a) An air-tight bag
(b) Moth-proof boxes
(c) A garbage bag
(d) A wooden chest

2. Of her first lessons with Mr. Chong, Jing-Mei says, “I would play after him, the simple scale, the simple chord and then I just played some nonsense that sounded like” what?
(a) A solitary violin
(b) A chorus of birds singing in the treetops
(c) A crash of bricks against a tin rooftop
(d) A cat running up and down on top of garbage cans

3. What color dress does Jing-Mei wear for her piano debut at the talent show?
(a) Blue
(b) Yellow
(c) White
(d) Red

4. Who does Jing-Mei tell her mother she wishes she were like as they argue about piano practice after the talent show?
(a) Her great-grandmother
(b) Her distant cousins
(c) Her first husband
(d) Her “dead” daughters

5. Jing-Mei says of Mr. Chong when she began piano lessons that “he must have been younger than I thought, since he” what?
(a) Had sisters that were my mother’s age
(b) Had no children and was not yet married
(c) Lived with his mother and was not yet married
(d) Had two young children and a young wife

6. What word does Jing-Mei use in describing Mr. Chong’s silent instrumental compositions with a vague and dreamy character?
(a) Reverie
(b) Staccato
(c) Trill
(d) Arpeggio

7. How old was Shirley Temple when she began her film career?
(a) 5
(b) 10
(c) 3
(d) 8

8. From what opera does Jing-Mei describe the “breasted girl with white makeup” singing from at the talent show?
(a) Madame Butterfly
(b) The Phantom of the Opera
(c) Les Miserables
(d) Guys and Dolls

9. What musical term, taught by Mr. Chong to Jing-Mei in their lessons, means pertaining to the highest part in harmonized music?
(a) Treble
(b) Bass
(c) Sonata
(d) Scale

10. Jing-Mei says that soon after her mother got the idea for her to be a Chinese Shirley Temple, she took her to a beauty school in what district?
(a) The Mission district
(b) Noe Valley
(c) SoHo
(d) Potrero Hill

11. When Jing-Mei’s mother still lived in China, her husband was serving as an officer where?
(a) Guangzhou
(b) Chongqing
(c) Shanghai
(d) Beijing

12. What word from the story means coolly unconcerned, indifferent, or unexcited?
(a) Fanatical
(b) Nonchalant
(c) Depreciatory
(d) Impertinent

13. Examine the following sentence from the narrative: “I kept thinking my fingers would adjust themselves back, like a train switching to the right track.” What literary device is used in this example?
(a) Jargon
(b) Metaphor
(c) Onomatopoeia
(d) Simile

14. What is the name of Auntie Lindo’s daughter in the story?
(a) An-Mei
(b) Betty
(c) Ying-Ying
(d) Waverly

15. What word from the narrative means under a magical trance?
(a) Elated
(b) Trilled
(c) Bewitched
(d) Engulfed

Short Answer Questions

1. How many sons does Auntie Lindo have in the story?

2. How does Jing-Mei say she felt when her time to perform her piano solo at the talent show came?

3. When Jing-Mei’s mother enrolls her in piano lessons, Jing-Mei says, “I can’t play the piano. And even if I could, I wouldn’t” what?

4. What nickname does Jing-Mei say she secretly gave Mr. Chong when she began taking piano lessons with him?

5. As Jing-Mei walks back to her seat after her performance in the talent show, she overhears a little boy say to his mother, “That was awful.” What does the boy’s mother reply?

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