Two Kinds Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Jing-Mei describe her mother’s immigration to America in the opening of the story? What did she leave behind?

Jing-Mei Woo's mother arrived in the United States in 1949 after losing her entire family, including her first husband, their infant twin daughters, and her parents. Once she settled in America, she never looked back.

2. What are Suyuan Woo’s views of opportunity in America, as noted by the narrator in the opening of the story?

Jing-Mei Woo's mother thinks that if you live in America, you can do and be anything you want. Not only can you open your own business, but you can also buy a house and become rich.

3. When does Jing-Mei’s mother first introduce to her the concept of a child prodigy?

When Jing-Mei is nine years old, her mother tells her that she can become a child prodigy. Initially, Jing-Mei's mother struggles to determine the type of prodigy her daughter can become.

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