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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Two Kinds.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What musical term from Jing-Mei’s piano lessons means characterized by abruptness and disconnectedness?
(a) Reverie
(b) Staccato
(c) Trill
(d) Arpeggio

2. Where did Jing-Mei’s mother abandon her first children, hoping for them to become adopted?
(a) On church steps
(b) In a ditch outside of town
(c) Under a barren tree
(d) In a church cemetery

3. What does Jing-Mei say she never really did while she practiced for her talent show?
(a) Connect with the music that flowed through her
(b) Worry about how she looked while playing
(c) Listened to what she was playing
(d) Think about anything other than the music

4. How does Jing-Mei describe the Schumann piece that she was to play at the talent show?
(a) It was a strong and powerful piece, one that I loved
(b) It was a textured piece that showed off skills that I didn’t even have
(c) It was a difficult, multi-layered piece that sounded less difficult than it was
(d) It was a simple, moody piece that sounded more difficult than it was

5. At the end of the story, Jing-Mei says, “After I had the piano tuned, I opened the lid and touched the keys.” How does she say it sounded?
(a) It sounded like my mother’s voice
(b) It sounded like there was a dying cat inside
(c) It sounded even richer than I remembered
(d) It sounded softer and more brittle than I remembered

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Auntie Lindo’s husband’s name?

2. “Two Kinds” is a short story from Amy Tan’s book The Joy Luck Club. This collection of short stories revolves around the lives of Chinese immigrant women who form a club and play what game?

3. What word from the narrative means under a magical trance?

4. What musical term from the story refers to a composition for one or two instruments, typically comprised of three or four movements in contrasting forms and keys?

5. What does the piano symbolize in “Two Kinds”?

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