Two Kinds Character Descriptions

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Mr. Chong

This character is the protagonist’s deaf and partially blind piano teacher.


This character is not very involved in the action of the story, but does attend the talent recital. The protagonist cannot tell if he is horrified or silently amused by her performance.


This character is the narrator and protagonist of the story. For much of the story, she is a rebellious child caught between two cultures: the Chinese culture that prevails in her family's home; and the American one that prevails everywhere else.

Lindo Jong

This character in the story is the mother of a precocious chess prodigy that is the protagonist’s rival.

Waverly Jong

This character is referred to as “Chinatown’s Littlest Chinese Chess Champion.”


This character is a Chinese immigrant who wants the protagonist to have the best of both worlds: Chinese tradition and American opportunity.

Shirley Temple

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