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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is grotesquely interested in the contents of the package Stephanie receives from her building superintendent?

2. Stephanie brings Grandma Mazur to visit Vinnie because she is certain he is about to do what?

3. What does Stephanie plan to swear off following the case?

4. How does Stephanie get Spiro to take her to the basement after someone goes missing?

5. What does Stephanie ask Louie Moon to do when someone complains the living room is too hot?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Stephanie and Lula have in common?

2. How does Grandma Mazur save both herself and Stephanie from Kenny?

3. What has changed about Stephanie's bedroom from the time she lived there in high school? What does this say about how Stephanie's mother views her?

4. Why does it seem as though Joyce Barnhardt has had it out for Stephanie throughout their entire life?

5. In Chapter Eleven, what action does Stephanie take that causes the religious structure of the 'Burg to be revealed?

6. Why is it frightening when the Sandman is killed and his body mutilated?

7. In Chapter Thirteen, Stephanie uses Grandma Mazur as a weapon against Vinnie. How does Grandma Mazur use her power over Vinnie to keep Stephanie employed, and what does this say about the power structure in the 'Burg?

8. When Grandma Mazur is attacked, this hurts Stephanie more than if she were attacked. Why?

9. Describe the general vibe of Spiro. What redeeming qualities has he shown up until Chapter Nine that would make Stephanie trust him and work as his bodyguard?

10. Stephanie does not call the police about the finger. Instead, she returns it to the body. What does this say about her character?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Both Stephanie's Jeep and the Buick are used to compound what is happening in the story. Working with either the Buick or the Jeep, cite several moments from the story where what happens with the vehicles mirror what happens to Stephanie and tell why.

Essay Topic 2

Within the novel, there were several graphic acts of violence. However, the author manipulated these opportunities for violence in such a way that the novel was not gory, but instead comical. Analyze three specific instances where violence was used and how the author managed to present a graphic concept while maintaining entertainment value.

Essay Topic 3

The women of the 'Burg seem tougher than many women portrayed in novels, but what is it that makes them appear so? Is it their lifestyle? Their attitude? Their moral compass? Choose three characters and cite examples as to what makes them tougher than traditional women in literature.

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