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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stephanie ask Louie Moon to do when someone complains the living room is too hot?

2. What is Loosey's body missing at the viewing?

3. In Chapter Eight, where does Stephanie store a certain, severed body part?

4. In the funeral parlor basement, where does Kenny reveal that he has stashed his victim?

5. Who is grotesquely interested in the contents of the package Stephanie receives from her building superintendent?

Short Essay Questions

1. Stephanie does not call the police about the finger. Instead, she returns it to the body. What does this say about her character?

2. Mrs. Plum is suddenly on Stephanie's side and wants her to succeed at capturing Kenny. Why?

3. What do Stephanie and Lula have in common?

4. In Chapter Eleven, what action does Stephanie take that causes the religious structure of the 'Burg to be revealed?

5. Why is it ironic that all of the women at the beauty parlor carry guns yet Stephanie does not?

6. When Stephanie agrees to guard Spiro, it seems she is simply accepting money to do something she finds distasteful. Is this the reason?

7. What does the fact that Stephanie's mother tried to set Stephanie up with Spiro say about her mother's judgment?

8. Although Stephanie takes on many odd jobs to make ends meet, her true passion is as a bounty hunter. How do her other jobs add or subtract to this aspiration?

9. Why does it seem as though Joyce Barnhardt has had it out for Stephanie throughout their entire life?

10. What does Stephanie learn about Morelli when Andy Roche appears in Chapter Twelve, and what does this say about Stephanie's instincts?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The 'Burg is a community that offers up an interesting mix of progressive and non-progressive thought. Compare and contrast the several examples of progressive and non-progressive behavior from the citizens of the 'Burg.

Essay Topic 2

Both Morelli and Stephanie rely on one another but seem to prefer to work alone. How did this help or hinder their progress in solving the crime?

Part 1) What were some examples of Stephanie and Morelli unwittingly working against each other? Could they have made further progress by pooling their resources?

Part 2) There were several incidents of mayhem due to their separate approach. Cite examples and explain the symbolism of these accidents.

Part 3) What were some specific moments or areas Stephanie and Morelli could have shared information and gotten better results? List examples and consider how cooperation could have changed the story.

Essay Topic 3

The women of the 'Burg seem tougher than many women portrayed in novels, but what is it that makes them appear so? Is it their lifestyle? Their attitude? Their moral compass? Choose three characters and cite examples as to what makes them tougher than traditional women in literature.

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