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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Stephanie tries to go in the window at the Sandman's house?

2. Who cut off his own finger as a child?

3. What act does Lula perform to gain entry into Spiro's apartment?

4. Kenny admits he has been smuggling guns out of the funeral parlor dressed like whom?

5. Where does Spiro suggest Kenny might be hiding?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Stephanie agrees to guard Spiro, it seems she is simply accepting money to do something she finds distasteful. Is this the reason?

2. In Chapter Thirteen, Stephanie uses Grandma Mazur as a weapon against Vinnie. How does Grandma Mazur use her power over Vinnie to keep Stephanie employed, and what does this say about the power structure in the 'Burg?

3. Although Stephanie takes on many odd jobs to make ends meet, her true passion is as a bounty hunter. How do her other jobs add or subtract to this aspiration?

4. Kenny's acts of violence start small and then progress into larger, more grotesque actions. Explain the escalation.

5. Describe the type of style the women in the 'Burg aspire to. Does caring about beauty and fashion make them seem oppressed?

6. Why does Stephanie's mother complain about Stephanie wearing Doc Marten boots?

7. What does Stephanie learn about Morelli when Andy Roche appears in Chapter Twelve, and what does this say about Stephanie's instincts?

8. How does Grandma Mazur save both herself and Stephanie from Kenny?

9. Why does it seem as though Joyce Barnhardt has had it out for Stephanie throughout their entire life?

10. Why does Stephanie once again snap back to business with Morelli, in spite of the kiss they shared?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Although Stephanie's heart was broken by her ex-husband, the author puts Stephanie face to face with the woman who helped ruin her marriage instead of him. Consider why the author uses this approach. Does the scene create more sympathy for Stephanie? Does it offer any additional insight into why Stephanie is the way she is? How could the story have been different if Stephanie had bumped into her ex-husband instead?

Essay Topic 2

For someone portrayed as such a strong woman, Stephanie seems weak turning down the advances of Spiro. What attributes to this?

Part 1) Consider the many situations with Spiro that Stephanie is forced into. Did she put herself in those situations or was it due to outside forces?

Part 2) Debate why Stephanie chooses to avoid telling Spiro she is not interested in him. Is this behavior fair to Spiro?

Part 3) When Stephanie finally parts ways from Spiro, it is not through her hand. Normally such a strong character, what does this say about Stephanie when it comes to men and relationships?

Essay Topic 3

Within the novel, there were several graphic acts of violence. However, the author manipulated these opportunities for violence in such a way that the novel was not gory, but instead comical. Analyze three specific instances where violence was used and how the author managed to present a graphic concept while maintaining entertainment value.

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