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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Spiro give Stephanie to follow up on the caskets?

2. How does Morelli suggest resolving the stolen casket issue?

3. What does the Sandman's neighbor accuse Stephanie of being when he catches her outside the Sandman's apartment?

4. Where is Stephanie standing when she gets a look into the Sandman's apartment?

5. What type of characters does Vincent Plum allow Stephanie to pursue?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Grandma Mazur and Eula have in common?

2. Why do the residents of the 'Burg see it as unusual for Stephanie to be single?

3. How does the information about the money spent on funerals continue to cast suspicion on Spiro's story?

4. What device does the author use to create a past between Stephanie and Morelli?

5. The size of the Buick is used as a commentary piece regarding what?

6. Why does Stephanie go to the storage unit in Chapter Four?

7. Why does Stephanie become suspicious of Spiro and the cheap caskets?

8. Stephanie is often shown consuming what type of food throughout the story?

9. What drives Stephanie's distrust of Morelli in this particular case?

10. Why is Stephanie occasionally dishonest when seeking answers for her case?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The women of the 'Burg seem tougher than many women portrayed in novels, but what is it that makes them appear so? Is it their lifestyle? Their attitude? Their moral compass? Choose three characters and cite examples as to what makes them tougher than traditional women in literature.

Essay Topic 2

Stephanie's independence is a driving force in the novel. How would the story be different if the lead character was not so fiercely independent?

Part 1) Acknowledge the many ways Stephanie exerts her independence. How does her independence affect her interpersonal relationships? Does it help them or hurt them?

Part 2) Cite examples in the story where Stephanie's independence either helped or hurt her. Could she have prevented the attack on Grandma Mazur? Was it her independence that made her a target?

Part 3) What do you think would happen if Stephanie had relied more upon Morelli or her family during the story, instead of trying to handle everything alone? Would the case have been solved sooner? Would it have been solved at all?

Essay Topic 3

Within the novel, there were several graphic acts of violence. However, the author manipulated these opportunities for violence in such a way that the novel was not gory, but instead comical. Analyze three specific instances where violence was used and how the author managed to present a graphic concept while maintaining entertainment value.

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