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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter Thirteen, what does Stephanie find in her fridge?
(a) A severed foot.
(b) Roses from Spiro.
(c) Loosey's penis.
(d) That Morelli drank her beer.

2. At the beginning of Chapter Nine, Morelli and Stephanie visit whom with the finger?
(a) Stephanie's grandmother.
(b) Spiro.
(c) A psychic.
(d) The police.

3. In Chapter Eight, what type of therapy do Stephanie and her best friend take part in?
(a) Individual counseling.
(b) Chocolate therapy.
(c) Retail therapy.
(d) Group therapy.

4. Who cut off his own finger as a child?
(a) The undertaker.
(b) Spiro.
(c) Kenny.
(d) Vinnie.

5. Who is carrying a gun in Clara's Beauty Salon?
(a) Stephanie.
(b) Morelli.
(c) All of the patrons.
(d) Joyce Barnhart.

6. Whom does Stephanie call after her jacket pocket discovery?
(a) The police.
(b) Kenny.
(c) The Sandman.
(d) Morelli.

7. In Chapter Eleven, what do Stephanie and Morelli do together after her meeting with Spiro?
(a) Watch a hockey game.
(b) Stake-out Kenny's motel room.
(c) Plan to kidnap Spiro.
(d) Go to dinner.

8. What does Kenny tuck into Stephanie's jacket pocket in Chapter Eight?
(a) Money.
(b) A love note.
(c) Photos of the guilty party.
(d) A finger.

9. What is in the package Stephanie receives from her building superintendent?
(a) Money from gun sales.
(b) A finger.
(c) Loosey's genitalia.
(d) Spiro's nose.

10. In Chapter Nine, what has happened to a large pile of caskets at the abandoned building?
(a) The caskets have been auctioned off.
(b) Cats live in them.
(c) The caskets have been vandalized.
(d) The caskets have been burned.

11. In Chapter Eleven, what does Spiro hope people will think about him and Stephanie?
(a) They are dating.
(b) Stephanie is his business partner.
(c) They are engaged.
(d) Stephanie is having his baby.

12. What color are the heels Stephanie purchases after chasing Kenny?
(a) Blue.
(b) Pink.
(c) Red.
(d) Purple.

13. When Grandma Mazur goes to Clara's to show off her wound, what color of hair does Grandma Mazur walk out with?
(a) Gray.
(b) Red.
(c) Blond.
(d) Blue.

14. What does Stephanie land in after unsuccessfully breaking into the Sandman's house?
(a) Morelli's arms.
(b) Dog feces.
(c) Garbage.
(d) An open casket.

15. After Stephanie drives Spiro home in Chapter Twelve, what part of the funeral home does she insist on investigating?
(a) The attic.
(b) The empty caskets.
(c) The basement.
(d) The closets.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter Fourteen, who goes missing at the funeral parlor?

2. In Chapter Ten, where does Stephanie stake-out Kenny?

3. What does Stephanie plan to swear off following the case?

4. What is Stephanie waiting for while she snoops around the funeral home in Chapter Eight?

5. In Chapter Eleven, what does Stephanie leave for Morelli when she takes the truck?

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