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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is code for "serious talk" in Stephanie's family?
(a) "Help in the kitchen."
(b) "Let's take a walk."
(c) "Come see this new dress."
(d) "We have to talk."

2. Kenny calls Stephanie at home, threatening to harm whom?
(a) Spiro.
(b) Vinnie.
(c) Grandma Mazur.
(d) Mrs. Plum.

3. What does Lula say about the Buick when she is driving in it with Stephanie?
(a) The Buick reminds her of a pimp she once knew.
(b) The Buick is too big of a car for Stephanie.
(c) The Buick's size is impressive.
(d) The new car smell.

4. Who is carrying a gun in Clara's Beauty Salon?
(a) Morelli.
(b) Stephanie.
(c) All of the patrons.
(d) Joyce Barnhart.

5. Does Stephanie get mad at Morelli when she learns he has concealed Andy Roche's purpose?
(a) No, Stephanie is ready for justice to be served.
(b) Yes, because Stephanie really wanted to solve this case herself.
(c) No, Stephanie would have done the same thing to Morelli.
(d) Yes, Stephanie is sick of Morelli lying to her.

6. At the start of Chapter Nine, what weapon does Stephanie strap to her belt in case she runs into Kenny?
(a) A large knife and a small knife.
(b) Pepper spray and a stun gun.
(c) A large knife and pepper spray.
(d) A real gun and a stun gun.

7. How does Morelli find out Stephanie's performing a stake-out on Kenny?
(a) Stephanie's mother tips him off.
(b) Stephanie calls him.
(c) Morelli drives by and sees the Buick.
(d) A fellow cop spots the Buick.

8. In Chapter Fourteen, who goes missing at the funeral parlor?
(a) Connie.
(b) Grandma Mazur.
(c) Loosey's body.
(d) Spiro.

9. What does Kenny tuck into Stephanie's jacket pocket in Chapter Eight?
(a) A love note.
(b) Photos of the guilty party.
(c) A finger.
(d) Money.

10. What does Stephanie claim the other women in her family have that she does not?
(a) A pretty face.
(b) Money.
(c) A passion for the truth.
(d) A dainty frame.

11. In Chapter Twelve, whom is Stephanie starting to accept romantic feelings for?
(a) Lula.
(b) Morelli.
(c) Spiro.
(d) Vinnie.

12. At Stephanie's Stiva stake-out, what does Kenny ram her vehicle with?
(a) A school bus.
(b) A cement truck.
(c) The Jeep.
(d) A Suburban.

13. Why does Spiro fire Stephanie in Chapter Thirteen?
(a) It was Stephanie's fault Spiro got attacked.
(b) Spiro is no longer afraid of Kenny.
(c) Spiro cannot be around her without falling in love.
(d) Spiro doesn't have any money.

14. In Chapter Ten, where does Stephanie stake-out Kenny?
(a) Stephanie's mother's house.
(b) In the parking lot of a cheap motel.
(c) The bar down the street.
(d) At Spiro's house.

15. After claiming to fear for his life, whom does Spiro hire as a bodyguard?
(a) Morelli.
(b) Al from the body shop.
(c) Ranger.
(d) Stephanie.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter Eleven, what happens to Spiro to put him in the hospital?

2. After learning about the caskets that were found, Spiro leaves someone in charge of the funeral home for the afternoon. Who?

3. After Stephanie drives Spiro home in Chapter Twelve, what part of the funeral home does she insist on investigating?

4. What does Stephanie ask Louie Moon to do when someone complains the living room is too hot?

5. Following Stephanie's refrigerator discovery, what does Morelli tell the neighbors the cops have in the cooler?

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