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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event does Grandma Mazur invite Stephanie to?
(a) Moogey's viewing.
(b) Mrs. Plum's birthday.
(c) A party at the neighbor's house.
(d) A makeover at the beauty parlor.

2. What is the full name of the storage facility?
(a) J & R Storage.
(b) R & J Storage.
(c) The Storage Locker.
(d) The Store.

3. In Chapter Six, Morelli shares his top secret case with Stephanie for what reason?
(a) Morelli suspects that Kenny Mancuso is involved.
(b) Morelli wants to know if Stephanie was involved.
(c) Morelli wants Stephanie to help him cover up evidence.
(d) Morelli suspects Stephanie already knows about it anyway.

4. What does Stephanie admire about Morelli?
(a) The life he's made for himself as a successful cop.
(b) That Morelli was once in the Peace Corps.
(c) That he is attractive to so many women.
(d) That Morelli whistles for a cab better than she does.

5. Whose viewing does Stephanie attend with her grandmother?
(a) Moogey.
(b) Danny Gunzer.
(c) Mrs. Morelli.
(d) Elliot Harper.

6. What does Morelli take from Stephanie, without her permission?
(a) Kenny's mail order catalogues and the records of orders he placed.
(b) Kenny's address book, offering up leads to major criminals.
(c) Kenny's phone bill, showing calls to Mexico and Salvador.
(d) Kenny's credit card bill.

7. What is the tip-off Lula provides Stephanie in Chapter Seven?
(a) The location of the next gun sale.
(b) The names of those involved in a bust.
(c) The names of everyone who has sold guns.
(d) The location of the next big drug deal.

8. Whom does Stephanie get tricked into having dinner with at her mother's house?
(a) Mrs. Plum.
(b) Moogey.
(c) Stephanie's grandmother.
(d) Spiro.

9. Why does Moogey have a closed casket?
(a) The police want to cover up the fact that Moogey's death was a crime.
(b) Moogey was shot in the head.
(c) The police are afraid people will take Moogey's picture.
(d) Moogey's ex-wife wants to disrespect his memory.

10. In Chapter Seven, why does Connie make fun of Stephanie?
(a) Not being able to solve the case.
(b) Stephanie's lack of parallel parking skills with the Buick.
(c) Having her Jeep stolen in the first place.
(d) The fact that Stephanie is single.

11. How does Stephanie get Eula to come downtown?
(a) Stephanie refuses to hand over the keys to the storage unit, where she locked up Eula's stuff.
(b) Stephanie offers to buy her dinner.
(c) Stephanie convinces Eula she will go to jail if she won't follow orders.
(d) Stephanie promises Eula she will receive a medal of honor for bravery if she assists.

12. Why is Stephanie hunting a certain character in a stake-out?
(a) Stephanie is attracted to this character.
(b) Stephanie is determined to prove that the character is a drug dealer.
(c) The character shot a friend in the knee.
(d) The character missed a court date.

13. What does the Sandman's neighbor accuse Stephanie of being when he catches her outside the Sandman's apartment?
(a) A relative.
(b) A peeping Tom.
(c) The Sandman's ex-wife.
(d) A cop.

14. What does Stephanie find in Rex's cage after her apartment was vandalized?
(a) A cat.
(b) A horse's head.
(c) Another hamster.
(d) Poison.

15. Stephanie visits the location of the second accident. Where is it?
(a) At the Jeep dealership.
(b) The barbershop.
(c) Behind Morelli's office.
(d) A gas station.

Short Answer Questions

1. What crashes into Stephanie at a gun sale?

2. At a meeting that takes place in the funeral home, what does Spiro beg Stephanie to retrieve?

3. Based on the tips Julia has given, Stephanie and Morelli decide that Julia is what?

4. Whom is Stephanie planning to visit at the end of Chapter Four?

5. What does Stephanie have to remind herself regarding Morelli?

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