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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Eula, the homeless woman, escape from Stephanie?
(a) Eula takes a cab.
(b) Eula runs away.
(c) Eula steals an old woman's bicycle.
(d) Eula steals Stephanie's Jeep.

2. What is the full name of the storage facility?
(a) The Store.
(b) The Storage Locker.
(c) R & J Storage.
(d) J & R Storage.

3. What does Mrs. Plum remember about Morelli and his relationship with Stephanie as a child?
(a) Morelli tried to look up Stephanie's skirt.
(b) Morelli planned to marry Stephanie when he grew up.
(c) Stephanie idolized him but he ignored her.
(d) Morelli was always smarter than Stephanie.

4. What is one of the problems Stephanie has with Morelli?
(a) Morelli swears in front of women and children.
(b) Morelli was born into money and she wasn't.
(c) Morelli has a questionable moral character.
(d) Morelli chews with his mouth open.

5. In Chapter Seven, what does Grandma Mazur pull off the dead body in the casket?
(a) A finger.
(b) A shiny pair of shoes.
(c) A blue hat.
(d) The flower in his lapel.

6. Why did Stephanie get Lula hired in the office after the other file clerk quit?
(a) Lula can provide information from the street.
(b) Lula is confident in herself and will make a great employee.
(c) All answers are correct.
(d) Lula will keep Vinnie under control.

7. How much time passes between Chapter One and Chapter Two?
(a) No time.
(b) Five days.
(c) One week.
(d) One month.

8. Why is Connie from the bond office upset at beginning of Chapter Five?
(a) Connie has just discovered she is pregnant.
(b) The office has no business and might go under.
(c) Connie might lose her job.
(d) The file clerk quit.

9. What does Morelli take from Stephanie, without her permission?
(a) Kenny's address book, offering up leads to major criminals.
(b) Kenny's mail order catalogues and the records of orders he placed.
(c) Kenny's phone bill, showing calls to Mexico and Salvador.
(d) Kenny's credit card bill.

10. Who follows Stephanie on this investigative journey to the storage facility?
(a) The Sandman.
(b) Her grandmother.
(c) Mrs. Plum.
(d) Morelli.

11. In Chapter Five, whom does Morelli say is dangerous?
(a) The Sandman.
(b) Stephanie.
(c) Spiro.
(d) The Priest.

12. Why does Stephanie get stuck on a curb when she should be chasing the "smaller car"?
(a) Stephanie didn't want Morelli to know they were suspects.
(b) Stephanie forgot how to drive stick.
(c) There was low visibility in the dark parking lot.
(d) The inhabitants of the smaller car shot at her.

13. In Chapter Six, Morelli shares his top secret case with Stephanie for what reason?
(a) Morelli wants to know if Stephanie was involved.
(b) Morelli suspects that Kenny Mancuso is involved.
(c) Morelli wants Stephanie to help him cover up evidence.
(d) Morelli suspects Stephanie already knows about it anyway.

14. What did Lula do for a living prior to her new office job?
(a) Lula ran a school.
(b) Lula was a maid.
(c) Lula was a prostitute.
(d) Lula was in the army with Kenny.

15. What does Grandma Mazur do that shocks the attendees at Moogey's closed casket viewing?
(a) Grandma Mazur spits on the casket.
(b) Grandma Mazur steals a bouquet of flowers.
(c) Grandma Mazur shouts, "He's finally dead!" and laughs until she cries.
(d) Grandma Mazur tries to open the casket.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Stephanie get tricked into having dinner with at her mother's house?

2. To avoid suspicion, Morelli and Stephanie decide to do what with a letter in Kenny's mail?

3. Where did Kenny Mancuso serve his duty in the army?

4. When Stephanie goes home after the stake-out, there is an invitation on her answering machine to go to dinner. Who is it from?

5. Where is Stephanie standing when she gets a look into the Sandman's apartment?

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