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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At a meeting that takes place in the funeral home, what does Spiro beg Stephanie to retrieve?
(a) A hearse.
(b) 24 missing caskets.
(c) 37 candles taken from the altar.
(d) 5 wallets taken from corpses.

2. Stephanie has no problem stealing Kenny's address book and key, but feels guilty about taking what?
(a) Kenny's mail.
(b) Kenny's car.
(c) The gun Kenny used.
(d) Money from Kenny's penny jar.

3. Whom did Stephanie lie to for the tip on Kenny Mancuso?
(a) Kenny's girlfriend, Julia.
(b) Kenny's cousin, Morelli.
(c) Kenny's friend, Moogey.
(d) Kenny's gardener.

4. Why does Stephanie meet with Spiro following Moogey's viewing?
(a) Spiro has information on Morelli.
(b) Because Spiro knows something about the case.
(c) To get more information on the stolen caskets.
(d) Stephanie's grandmother is setting them up.

5. When Stephanie goes home after the stake-out, there is an invitation on her answering machine to go to dinner. Who is it from?
(a) Ranger.
(b) Kenny.
(c) Morelli.
(d) Stephanie's mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom is Stephanie staking out in the opening of the book?

2. In Chapter Five, where does Stephanie get information on other caskets?

3. What is the full name of the storage facility?

4. Why does Stephanie go to the storage facility after a night when she couldn't sleep?

5. What is the result when Moogey Bues gets shot a second time?

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