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This location is referred to as a "pothole" by Stephanie.

The 'Burg

This working class neighborhood is where most of the story takes place.

Stephanie's Apartment

Partially inhabited by a hamster, this location can be found just outside the 'Burg in a three story building that houses old folks.

Jeep Wrangler

This perfect, bounty-hunting vehicle might waft a used pizza smell thanks to its previous owner.


This amiable companion to Stephanie has a soup can for a house.

Stiva's Funeral Parlor

The prime location for social events in the 'Burg, this is a hot spot for gathering local gossip and information. This is also where Kenny is seen after his attack on Grandma Mazur.

Uncle Sandor's Buick

This item is a hindrance to Stephanie thanks to its size and recognition factor.

Stephanie's Bedroom at her Parent's House

This is where the protagonist stays to protect Grandma...

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