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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

The 'Burg, where the story is set, is a tight knit community of blue collar families whom Stephanie grew up with. This close community offers Stephanie built-in information on everyone who lives there, which helps her as a bounty hunter. However, the community also forces Stephanie to carry around her history, often forcing her to live in the past. This lesson will discuss the concept of a community and the effects it can have on its inhabitants.


Tasks, Ideas, Challenges and Activities

1) Class Discussion: Everyone in the 'Burg knows everyone. How does this affect day to day life? How might this affect the expectations community members put on others? Does the class think it would be difficult or easy to live in a small town? Why or why not? Has anyone in the class ever experienced this type of lifestyle?

2) Activity: Draw a line...

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