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Map of the 'Burg

Create a visual map of the 'Burg as you see it. Use crayons, markers and even pictures from magazines to create the streets and places that are discussed in Stephanie's world.

Character Love Letter

Write a romantic love letter from any of the characters in the story angling for love. For example, Spiro was interested in Stephanie and wanted to date her. Write a love letter to Stephanie from Spiro's point of view, explaining why he loves her and why he thinks they would be a great couple. Pick one of the many potential romantic options in the story.

Dress like a Local

Come to class dressed like one of the characters in the story. For example, Stephanie's wardrobe might consist of jeans, a belt with a (fake!) stun gun and (fake!) pepper spray, a tough girl jacket and sexy purple high heels.

Cook the Menu

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