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Essay Topic 1

Stephanie's independence is a driving force in the novel. How would the story be different if the lead character was not so fiercely independent?

Part 1) Acknowledge the many ways Stephanie exerts her independence. How does her independence affect her interpersonal relationships? Does it help them or hurt them?

Part 2) Cite examples in the story where Stephanie's independence either helped or hurt her. Could she have prevented the attack on Grandma Mazur? Was it her independence that made her a target?

Part 3) What do you think would happen if Stephanie had relied more upon Morelli or her family during the story, instead of trying to handle everything alone? Would the case have been solved sooner? Would it have been solved at all?

Essay Topic 2

The 'Burg was practically a character in the novel itself. This community had a life of its own and beliefs of its own...

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