Two for the Dough Character Descriptions

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Stephanie Plum

A protagonist who relies on luck and instinct, often breaking the law for the greater good.

Joe Morelli

A lifelong resident of the 'Burg, this former bad seed became a detective. A borderline chauvinist, this character rarely keeps sexual feelings cooped up.

Grandma Mazur

A happy-go-lucky widow delighted to push the boundaries of social convention. Also an excellent source for the protagonist, thanks to an appreciation for the gossip at funeral viewings.

Vincent Plum

The owner of the bail bond office, this character is a top client of the bounty hunters.


On the outskirts of the law, this character teaches the protagonist the finer points of bounty hunting.

Andy Roche

Guilty of bugging a funeral home, this investigator works as an agent for the Department of Treasury.

Kenny Mancuso

Fresh from the army, this sadist completes horrific actions that escalate throughout the story.

Mrs. Plum

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