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Chapter 1

• Stephanie and Ranger are on a stake-out for Kenny.

• Morelli is also at the scene. He agrees to help Stephanie.

• The suspect gets away. Stephanie blames Morelli.

• Moogey Bues is killed and Kenny is suspected.

• Stephanie breaks into Kenny's apartment and steals his mail.

Chapter 2

• Stephanie's family is introduced and Grandma Mazur joins Stephanie at the funeral home.

• Spiro offers Stephanie a job hunting down 24 missing caskets.

• Stephanie follows aimless leads on the Moogey case.

• Stephanie suspects Morelli isn't telling her everything about the case.

Chapter 3

• Stephanie receives an anonymous threat letter.

• Grandma and Stephanie attend Moogey's viewing to listen to the gossip and gain information.

• Spiro supplies Stephanie with a photo of cheap caskets and information on where they were kept.

• Morelli and Stephanie continue to follow leads on the Kenny case.

• Stephanie's mother assumes Stephanie is dating Morelli.

Chapter 4

• Stephanie gets suspicious of the cheap...

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