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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Tyler doing in his room in Chapter Eight?
(a) Writing the letter of apology he has to do for the principal.
(b) Watching Saturday Night Live.
(c) Playing video games.
(d) Talking on the phone to Bethany.

2. Why does Tyler put something in the neighbor's garbage can?
(a) In revenge for the neighbor insulting his mother.
(b) So his father won't see it in their own can.
(c) In revenge for the neighbor insulting his sister.
(d) As a joke.

3. About what does Hanna want advice from Tyler?
(a) Whether to run for class president.
(b) Whether to try out for the tennis team.
(c) Bethany's friendliness.
(d) Calvin.

4. What does Mr. Milbury force Chip to do?
(a) Talk to Tyler's younger sister.
(b) Apologize to Tyler's mother for being rude.
(c) Shake Tyler's hand.
(d) Give Tyler a re-match at the billiards table.

5. Why is the narrator doing what he is doing?
(a) The other student keeps insulting the narrator.
(b) He left school early to go home and play video games.
(c) It is punishment.
(d) He is asking the principal for a change in schedule.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the incident in Question 70, where does Tyler go right after school?

2. When he was being a vandal, what was one of Tyler's first thoughts in lieu of spray painting graffiti?

3. How many games does Hannah have to miss because of her injury?

4. Why were Tyler's father and grandfather once upset with Tyler at a little league game?

5. What was Tyler's reputation at school in past years?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Tyler forced to wear for the Christmas photo shoot, and why does the session not happen?

2. How are other students viewing Tyler differently than in past years, and how does Hannah feel about the change?

3. Describe Tyler's visit to his probation officer in Chapter Thirty-one..

4. What does Tyler do for dinner when he thinks he is alone, and what does he do when he notices his father is home?

5. Why happens when Tyler is called into Mr. Hughes' office in Chapter Thirty?

6. What is the result of Chip pushing Tyler?

7. What does Tyler do as a job during the summer, and how does that help him at times?

8. How do Tyler and Hannah get to school, and why is Yoda distracted driving the car?

9. What does Tyler's mother make for the Milbury's, and how is Tyler to help her?

10. What is Tyler's course schedule like this year, and why is it that way?

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