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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many games does Hannah have to miss because of her injury?
(a) One.
(b) Four.
(c) Two.
(d) Six.

2. In Chapter One, where does Tyler see Bethany?
(a) Reading in the library.
(b) Breaking up a fight between Tyler and another student.
(c) Working at a car wash in the school parking lot.
(d) Waiting her turn to talk to the principal.

3. Who is Mr. Milbury?
(a) Tyler's father's boss.
(b) Tyler's homeroom teacher.
(c) The principal at Tyler's school.
(d) Tyler's math teacher.

4. How successful is Tyler in carrying out his fantasy while talking to his father?
(a) He reaches out, but his dad turns in the other direction.
(b) He can't think of what Hannah has done wrong.
(c) He chokes out a couple words.
(d) Not at all, as he does nothing.

5. How does Tyler fall into a group of waiters with trays full of glasses?
(a) Parker pushes him.
(b) Chip pushes him.
(c) He trips over a crochet ball.
(d) He trips on his untied shoes.

6. How does Tyler say all the girls decided to dress one day?
(a) Like cowgirls.
(b) Like nuns.
(c) Semi-nude.
(d) Like models.

7. Who is Hannah?
(a) Tyler's sister.
(b) Bethany's sister.
(c) Tyler's aunt.
(d) Tyler's mother's best friend.

8. From what doesTyler defend his mother?
(a) From Hannah calling her a rotten mother.
(b) From the neighborhood gossip.
(c) From his father yelling at her.
(d) From his father pouring out his mother's booze.

9. What is Hannah's injury?
(a) A broken ankle.
(b) A sprained wrist.
(c) A broken femur.
(d) A mild concussion.

10. For whom does Tyler's mother offer excuses?
(a) Herself.
(b) The neighbor.
(c) Tyler's father.
(d) Hannah.

11. When he is in the cafeteria, why does Tyler suddenly think life can't get any better?
(a) Bethany props her leg up in his lap.
(b) Bethany defends Tyler to a group of snobby girls.
(c) Tyler is asked to join the "in" crowd for lunch.
(d) Tyler makes an "A" in his chemistry pop quiz.

12. What has Tyler's mother done for the Milburys?
(a) Baked them a cake.
(b) Monogrammed a set of towels.
(c) Baked them an apple pie.
(d) Written them an apology.

13. Where is Bethany's mother going after she invitesTyler in to talk to Bethany?
(a) To the bank.
(b) To get a new set of crutches.
(c) To pick up Chip at ball practice.
(d) To take Chip to his psychiatric appointment.

14. Besides being sweet, how else is Tyler's mother characterized?
(a) A controlling person..
(b) Laid back.
(c) A bit of a drunk.
(d) A social climber.

15. What is distracting Tyler from doing his homework?
(a) Worrying about graduation.
(b) Nothing in particular.
(c) Taking care of Hannah.
(d) Playing Tophet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tyler's father want him to do at the end-of-summer get-together?

2. Why does Tyler's mother reschedule the family's appointment on Friday?

3. What dream does Tyler have when he is talking to his father?

4. How does Tyler apologize to Bethany?

5. Why does Tyler carry Bethany upstairs?

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