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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 20 - 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is different when Tyler arrives at school that day?
(a) Several girls flirt with Tyler.
(b) Tyler has been placed in some of the advance classes.
(c) Several girls who used to be friendly won't acknowlege him.
(d) Other students are noticing him more than in other years.

2. Why does Yoda become manager of the JV football team?
(a) To keep from having to take another gym class.
(b) To keep the athletes from bullying him.
(c) So he will letter though he is not a jock.
(d) To gain Hannah's attention.

3. What does Hannah do before she goes into the school building?
(a) Talks with some older boys.
(b) Alters her clothes.
(c) Takes a few hits off someone's cigarette.
(d) Calls her mother.

4. What does Tyler ask a doctor to help him do?
(a) Commit murder.
(b) Commit suicide.
(c) Relieve his depression.
(d) Give Bethany first aid.

5. What has Tyler's mother done for the Milburys?
(a) Monogrammed a set of towels.
(b) Baked them a cake.
(c) Baked them an apple pie.
(d) Written them an apology.

Short Answer Questions

1. What at school is not going so well for Tyler ?

2. At what event does Tyler remember having fun with his father?

3. How does Tyler say all the girls decided to dress one day?

4. How does Tyler apologize to Bethany?

5. What is Tyler doing in his room in Chapter Eight?

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