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Tell what your life would be like if you chose reincarnation like Tyler.


Create an illustrated timeline of the events from Twisted. Have the timeline branch off into the different segments of Twisted, as appropriate.


Read another Laurie Halse Anderson book and write a compare-and-contrast essay about the book you choose andTwisted.


Create three posters about Twisted using a variety of media (chalk, paint, markers, watercolors, etc.).

TV Reporter

Pretend you are a TV reporter and provide an on-scene report about the defacing of the football field at the high school.

Book Talk

Talk about Twisted to another class who has not read the book. Include a short reading to encourage students in the other class to read this book. Tell why you chose the particular passage you read.

Screen Play

Write a screen play for one of the chapters in Twisted. Explain the...

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