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Chapters 1 - 7

• Tyler finishes his community service by spreading tar on the school roof. He was caught spraying graffiti on the school walls.

• Tyler's father works for a corporation and is very unhappy his son got in trouble.

• Tyler daydreams about Bethany Milbury when he sees her at a car wash. Tyler's father comes to pick him up.

• Tyler's mother is sweet but somewhat of a drunk. Bethany comes over to say hello and speak to Tyler's mother.

• Tyler is speechless when Bethany comes over for he sees her as a goddess.
• Tyler and his family, including his sister Hannah, drive to the Milbury's house for an end of summer get-together.

• Tyler's father reminds him to stay out of trouble and be an asset at the party.

• Tensions rise between Tyler's parents as they were not invited to the party and thought it was a potluck.

• Mr. Miller...

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