Twin Peaks Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What do stuffed animals symbolize within the first diary entry?

In Laura's very first diary entry, she laments her mother's decision to give her stuffed animals for Laura's twelfth birthday. Laura views her choice of gifts as a sign that her mother does not recognize that Laura is no longer a small child. Therefore, the stuffed animals symbolize the innocence of childhood.

2. What is the significance of Laura and Maddy's attempts to block the light coming from the house windows into their fort?

When Laura and Maddy camp out in a fort in Laura's backyard, there is still light from Laura's house streaming into the fort. Laura and Maddy agree that they must block that light somehow since it ruins the illusion that they are deep within the forest and away from civilization and from the prying eyes of their family members. The significance of this action is that both girls are trying to escape the influence and control they feel are exerted upon them by adults. They want to grow up quickly, but shutting out their parents' ability to shed light on their journeys toward adulthood will ultimately place Laura into grave danger.

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