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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through April 21, 1988-October 31, 1989 & Two Undated Entries.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Laura see immediately after relapsing with cocaine after she agrees to become a sex worker?
(a) Her mom's face in her mind.
(b) Bobby's stricken face since he had heard everything.
(c) BOB crouching in the corner, smiling victoriously.
(d) Donna kissing Bobby in the department store.

2. Who runs the Book House?
(a) Johnny Horne.
(b) Jacques.
(c) Big Jake Morrissey.
(d) Benjamin Horne.

3. Where are the two places on Laura's body that BOB makes tiny incisions during his abuse of her?
(a) Between her legs and inside her mouth.
(b) On the back of her neck and on the tips of her fingers.
(c) On the soles of her feet and on the top of her head.
(d) Inside her mouth and on the undersides of her wrists.

4. Why do Laura, Donna, and Maddy cover up the light emanating from the house into the fort?
(a) They are telling scary stories and want it to be totally dark.
(b) They agree that it ruins the feeling of being out in the woods alone.
(c) They are worried that it will allow Laura's parents to spy on them in the night.
(d) They think it will interfere with their sleep.

5. When Laura walks to Leo's house in order to get drugs, what is the reason he cannot come to the door?
(a) Because he is in the shower.
(b) Because he is in the middle of a drug deal.
(c) Because he is passed out on the couch.
(d) Because he is in his bedroom with a girl.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Laura writes that "darkness in sex is okay, as long as it is strange, mysterious darkness," (116) what does she say is the kind of darkness that she does not enjoy?

2. When Leo, Bobby, and Laura go to the drug dealer's house, where is the house located?

3. What knowledge does Laura say BOB has that no one else has?

4. What is NOT one false thing Laura tells the reader that people say about her?

5. When Laura gets nervous around all of the guns inside the drug dealer's house, where does she go?

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