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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through December 21, 1987-April 10, 1988.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Log Lady tells Laura that "sometimes people go camping" (44) and that as a result, they do what?
(a) Don't come back.
(b) Learn things they should not.
(c) Get lost.
(d) Commune with nature.

2. What is the address that Laura sees in her mind that compels her to go find its location?
(a) 1600 Pacific Avenue.
(b) 1400 River Road.
(c) 1327 Ellis Street.
(d) 1313 North Garden Street.

3. What action does Bobby take to solve the problem that occurs during their flight away from the gunfight at the drug dealer's house?
(a) He drives around the barricade.
(b) He says he will send his older brother to retrieve his gun the following day.
(c) He switches over to his second gas tank.
(d) He shoots the man fighting with Leo.

4. When Laura has a dream about her diary, what happens in the dream?
(a) Her diary is continually blank no matter how often she writes in it.
(b) The wind furiously whips around her diary until it is torn to shreds.
(c) Her diary keeps eluding her grasp and she knows it is going to tell everyone what it contains.
(d) Her diary burns up in a fire.

5. Laura believes that BOB calls her by a certain name for a particular reason. What is that reason?
(a) Because he likes to think of Laura as being innocent and unattached.
(b) Because he wishes he were married to Laura.
(c) Because it distances BOB from Laura.
(d) Because he believes Laura is deceptive.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is distinctive about the writing in the diary when it is BOB writing, rather than Laura?

2. When the man who had strangled Laura smiled, whose smile did his smile remind Laura of?

3. What reason does Bobby give for slamming on his brakes and spinning the truck on the way to the drug dealer's house?

4. What object does Laura notice on the floor of the truck after the cocaine robbery that causes her to hit a cat?

5. When Laura speaks of herself in the third person one time within her diary and addresses her words to BOB, what does she write?

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