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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Oh, what significant function does the frontal lobe of the brain perform?

2. How does Joe Viola describe the way he felt when he was caught in the riots?

3. Who took a video of the beating from their helicopter over the intersection of Florence and Normandie?

4. What particular incident makes Viola go into shock?

5. What action plan do the upper middle class in the Beverly Hills restaurant talk about in relation to the riots?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the Hollywood agent feel when the verdict comes out? How does he describe the scenes he witnesses?

2. Explain Cornel West's theory on gangsterism.

3. Describe the thoughts running through the head of one particular female student from the University of Southern California.

4. Describe the changes that took place in the Beverly Hills Gun Club after the riots.

5. Who is Gladis Sibrian? How do people react to her efforts?

6. Briefly explain Rudy Salas, Sr.'s hatred of white police. Where does it come from and what continuously fuels it?

7. How does Otis Chandler look at money as an instrument for change?

8. Describe the scene in Julio Menjivar's neighborhood when the National Guard arrived.

9. What does Chris Oh say about his father's condition? How does he feel?

10. Describe Richard Kim's story. How is he affected by the riots and how does he behave during the ordeal?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Rodney King story affected the whole nation. Is it something that happened because of the timing, i.e. even if it was not Rodney King there would have been some other event that would have resulted in the same outrage and riots, meaning to imply that society at that time was ripe for a disturbance? Or is it unique to the issue, which would have resulted in the same results even in a different time?

Essay Topic 2

Are Maxine Waters' efforts productive and effective? Is there any significant change that can be attributed to her doings? Would there have been a more effective, efficient way for her to pursue the same principles? Is there anything she did wrong, and what are the best practices that can be cited from her advocacy?

Essay Topic 3

Josie Morales narrates her story on how she prepared herself to be a witness in the trials, and how she did her part in making sure that she got called for the trial. She did not become a witness to the trials, however. Her story seems to imply that there is foul play going on. Is there anything in the book that also reeks of foul play? Is there enough evidence, or statements, from the book to conclude that, indeed, Rodney King's trial is full of foul play? Cite specific examples/statements from the story to support the answer.

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