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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What report does Maxine Waters refer to that discusses the ills of society, among others?
(a) Report Against Police Violence.
(b) Gates Commission Report.
(c) Kerner Commission Report.
(d) Waters Commission Report.

2. In what particular division is there no riot-related death, as is discovered by Gilmour?
(a) Hollingback Division in East LA.
(b) Polo Lounge Division in East LA.
(c) Beverly Hills Division in West LA.
(d) Palo Alto Division in East LA.

3. Why is Twilight Bey nicknamed "Twilight"?
(a) He is an albino.
(b) He does not go out during the daytime.
(c) He stays out all night until the sun comes out.
(d) He is afraid of the sunlight.

4. Which African-American character does Mrs. Young-soon Han respect?
(a) Martin Luther King.
(b) Eddie Murphy.
(c) Jesse Jackson.
(d) Arsenio Hall.

5. What statement does Paul Parker make about the LAPD's efforts to find and arrest the people responsible for Reginald Denny's beating?
(a) It shouldn't have been done in the first place.
(b) The efforts were mostly a public relations program prompted by certain criticisms.
(c) It would have been done better if the FBI was involved.
(d) It was inefficient since not enough violence was employed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What statement best describes Bill Bradley's stand on the laws of the land?

2. Where does Maxine Waters give her speech after Daryl Gates resigns from the LAPD?

3. Where else does Elaine Young go to because she does not want to be alone?

4. What example does Braun use to illustrate his point about justice?

5. What does Gladis Sibrian's nom de guerre mean?

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