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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of tax is Otis Chandler proposing to help raise the money for the community?
(a) Sales or gasoline tax.
(b) Reading tax.
(c) Cigarette tax.
(d) Parking tax.

2. What is the wrong perception about Daryl Gates' whereabouts when the disturbances begin?
(a) He was in church when in fact he was at home.
(b) He was at a fundraiser when in fact he was in a meeting about Proposition F.
(c) He was reading a story to preschoolers when in fact he was at home.
(d) He was in a meeting with other policemen when in fact he was at home.

3. According to Hami Bhabha, what are the people trying to understand?
(a) The calm among government officials.
(b) The ambivalence of what happened in Los Angeles.
(c) The complete control of the police force over the rioters.
(d) The serenity of the riots.

4. Where are the female student's parents during the riots?
(a) Driving across country to California.
(b) On a retreat with their neighbors.
(c) In France.
(d) On a golf tournament.

5. What report does Maxine Waters refer to that discusses the ills of society, among others?
(a) Kerner Commission Report.
(b) Report Against Police Violence.
(c) Waters Commission Report.
(d) Gates Commission Report.

6. How does Betye Saar describe the look of the sky that night when the riots began?
(a) A limbo time.
(b) Like lightning but no rain.
(c) It hints of pleasant surprises to come.
(d) There is nothing unusual about the sky that night.

7. How are Gladis Sibrian and her friends described by other people?
(a) Aggressive and lazy.
(b) Idealistic and romantic.
(c) Ruthless and cunning.
(d) Afraid of their own shadows.

8. Which African-American character does Mrs. Young-soon Han respect?
(a) Arsenio Hall.
(b) Jesse Jackson.
(c) Eddie Murphy.
(d) Martin Luther King.

9. Where does Maxine Waters give her speech after Daryl Gates resigns from the LAPD?
(a) At the Beverly Center.
(b) At the Polo Lounge.
(c) At the Beverly Hills Hotel.
(d) At the First African Methodist Episcopal Church.

10. What issues does Maxine Waters confront the President about?
(a) Unemployment, hopelessness, and despair.
(b) Insufficient educational budget.
(c) Lack of housing programs.
(d) Addiction and crime.

11. How does Otis Chandler feel towards improving things around him?
(a) Things are hopeless now no matter how much money there is.
(b) Things are not hopeless nor can everything be improved by throwing money around.
(c) He does not make any statement about the issue.
(d) Things can only be improved by throwing money around.

12. What statement does Hami Bhabha make about twilight?
(a) There is no such thing as twilight.
(b) Everyone should consider reading the twilight.
(c) We see the sharp outlines visible in daylight when we look at the disturbance in twilight.
(d) Twilight is an overrated, abused term.

13. Which African-American character does Mrs. Young-soon Han hate?
(a) Martin Luther King.
(b) Jesse Jackson.
(c) Arsenio Hall.
(d) Eddie Murphy.

14. Where else does Elaine Young go to because she does not want to be alone?
(a) Beverly Center.
(b) Polo Lounge.
(c) Central Park.
(d) City Center.

15. Where is the Reverend Tom Choi a minister at?
(a) Polo Lounge Presbyterian Church.
(b) Westwood Presbyterian Church.
(c) Anaheim's Presbyterian Church.
(d) Palo Alto's Presbyterian Church.

Short Answer Questions

1. What statement does Bill Bradley make about the Rodney King beating?

2. What is the female student thinking of at the time of the riots?

3. What do people tell Gladis Sibrian while she is growing up?

4. How does Hami Bhabha describe the "twilight"?

5. What complaint does Reverend Tom Choi hear about Koreans, Americans, and blacks?

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