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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Maxine Waters force her ideas onto lawmakers?
(a) By going into interviews on all radio stations.
(b) By talking to them one by one in private.
(c) By writing numerous press releases.
(d) By pushing into meetings where she was not invited.

2. What statement does Peter Sellars give about the situation in the city?
(a) It was like being incinerated.
(b) It was like being in a festival.
(c) It was like bungee-jumping.
(d) It was like being in a merry-go-round.

3. What do the police officers tell Braun's son in an encounter?
(a) They will kill his dad if he did not shut up.
(b) They will kill him if he did not shut up.
(c) They will put a screw through his chest if he did not shut up.
(d) They will find a way to hunt him down.

4. What issues does Maxine Waters confront the President about?
(a) Unemployment, hopelessness, and despair.
(b) Addiction and crime.
(c) Lack of housing programs.
(d) Insufficient educational budget.

5. How many SWAT teams are sent to arrest Lance Parker?
(a) Three.
(b) Four.
(c) Two.
(d) Five.

6. What particular case is Bill Bradley upset about?
(a) A friend from a big LA law firm was molested and the law firm did not complain.
(b) An intern punched a partner in the face and nothing was reported.
(c) A law firm was sued by the LA police officers.
(d) A lawyer punched an intern and the intern just kept quiet.

7. What is Owen Smet's past occupation?
(a) Writer for the Beverly Hills Gun Club.
(b) President of the Beverly Hills Gun Club.
(c) Supplier for the Beverly Hills Gun Club.
(d) Range manager of the Beverly Hills Gun Club.

8. According to Elaine Young, how long do people stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel?
(a) Until three or four in the morning.
(b) Until six in the evening.
(c) They did not stay at the hotel at all.
(d) Until midnight.

9. How much does the membership at the Beverly Hills Gun Club increase after the riots?
(a) Fifty percent.
(b) Twenty percent.
(c) Forty percent.
(d) Thirty percent.

10. What kind of tax is Otis Chandler proposing to help raise the money for the community?
(a) Sales or gasoline tax.
(b) Cigarette tax.
(c) Reading tax.
(d) Parking tax.

11. Who is Harland W. Braun defending in the Rodney King trial?
(a) Chris Oh.
(b) Lance Parker.
(c) Theodore Briseno.
(d) Reginald Denny.

12. What statement do the police give as a reason for Lance's arrest?
(a) Lance was a pimp.
(b) Lance was into child slavery.
(c) Lance was a known gang member and a drug dealer.
(d) Lance was a thief.

13. What is Elaine Brown's former occupation?
(a) Head of the Black Panther Party.
(b) Head of the Revenge Party.
(c) Head of the Black People's Party.
(d) Head of the Panthera Party.

14. As shown in Gilmour's final findings, how many deaths involve the LAPD?
(a) 51.
(b) 9.
(c) 5.
(d) 4.

15. What statement does Bill Bradley make about corporations and institutions?
(a) Corporations and institutions are doing their social obligations to the people.
(b) The moral power of corporations and institutions has to be brought to bear when colored people are treated unjustly.
(c) He does not make any statements about corporations and institutions.
(d) Corporations and institutions should donate more towards charitable causes.

Short Answer Questions

1. How should readers react to twilight, as recommended by Hami Bhabha?

2. How does she describe picking up a gun and going into the streets without a plan or any reason other than rage?

3. What does the Reverend Tom Choi find out after some time in his interaction with the people in the community?

4. Which statement best describes Mrs. Young-soon Han's feelings?

5. Why is Twilight Bey nicknamed "Twilight"?

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