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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Gladis Sibrian describe the riots?
(a) Uprising.
(b) Chaos.
(c) Upheaval.
(d) Social explosion.

2. What do the police officers tell Braun's son in an encounter?
(a) They will kill him if he did not shut up.
(b) They will find a way to hunt him down.
(c) They will kill his dad if he did not shut up.
(d) They will put a screw through his chest if he did not shut up.

3. What book does Elaine Brown author?
(a) A Taste of Vinegar.
(b) A Taste of Power.
(c) A Taste of Acid.
(d) A Taste of Sugar.

4. Why is Harland Braun reluctant to take the case of defending an accused in the Rodney King trial?
(a) He didn't want to be involved in the case in any way.
(b) He thought it was a racial beating.
(c) His client couldn't pay enough.
(d) He thinks he is incompetent.

5. What does Betye's companion think about the verdict?
(a) He thought that there will be trouble because of the acquittal.
(b) He thought that the verdict was unbelievable.
(c) He thought that an acquittal is a career suicide for the judge.
(d) He thought that an acquittal is a given.

6. What statement does Paul Parker make about the LAPD's efforts to find and arrest the people responsible for Reginald Denny's beating?
(a) It would have been done better if the FBI was involved.
(b) It shouldn't have been done in the first place.
(c) The efforts were mostly a public relations program prompted by certain criticisms.
(d) It was inefficient since not enough violence was employed.

7. Which African-American character does Mrs. Young-soon Han respect?
(a) Arsenio Hall.
(b) Eddie Murphy.
(c) Martin Luther King.
(d) Jesse Jackson.

8. What is Elaine Brown's former occupation?
(a) Head of the Panthera Party.
(b) Head of the Revenge Party.
(c) Head of the Black Panther Party.
(d) Head of the Black People's Party.

9. How does she describe picking up a gun and going into the streets without a plan or any reason other than rage?
(a) Foolish.
(b) Upsetting.
(c) Disastrous.
(d) Ideal.

10. What example does Braun use to illustrate his point about justice?
(a) Pinnochio's story.
(b) The story of Pontius Pilate and the trial of Christ.
(c) The Michael Jackson story.
(d) The duel between Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape.

11. How should readers react to twilight, as recommended by Hami Bhabha?
(a) Reject the ideas of twilight.
(b) Should ignore it completely.
(c) Should follow a structured system.
(d) More interpretive and creative way.

12. What statement does Hami Bhabha make about twilight?
(a) There is no such thing as twilight.
(b) Everyone should consider reading the twilight.
(c) Twilight is an overrated, abused term.
(d) We see the sharp outlines visible in daylight when we look at the disturbance in twilight.

13. What does the Reverend Tom Choi find out after some time in his interaction with the people in the community?
(a) He found that there was too much hostility in people.
(b) He saw that there was hatred everywhere.
(c) He did not see hostility; instead found only friendliness and solidarity.
(d) He found that Koreans, Americans, and blacks were not fighting after all.

14. What statement best describes Bill Bradley's stand on the laws of the land?
(a) He acknowledges that the law treats different people in different ways.
(b) He does not acknowledge that the law treats different people in different ways.
(c) He is outraged that someone should suggest differences in the treatment of people.
(d) He does not like discussing the laws and people.

15. What does Mrs. Young-soon Han realize after the riots?
(a) Koreans immigrants were able to fully adapt to American Society.
(b) Korean immigrants have been left out of American Society.
(c) Koreans love violence.
(d) Americans love violence.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which statement best describes Twilight Bey's feelings?

2. What is Bill Bradley's position?

3. What is Owen Smet's current occupation?

4. Where else does Elaine Young go to because she does not want to be alone?

5. What statement does Gates give on the reason why he is delayed in getting to where the trouble is?

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