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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do people tell Gladis Sibrian while she is growing up?
(a) She cannot change anything in Panama.
(b) She can do anything she wants.
(c) She needs to kill the President first.
(d) She will not be listened to because she is a woman.

2. Which statement best describes Twilight Bey's feelings?
(a) Like he is stuck in limbo.
(b) Like walking in the dark.
(c) Like a child lost in a field of corn.
(d) Like a child learning how to walk.

3. How does real estate agent Elaine Young come to be in the Beverly Hills Hotel on the day of the verdict?
(a) Her date canceled and she did not want to be alone at home.
(b) She saw a nice jewelry on display and decided to come in.
(c) She met another real estate agent who wanted to hire her.
(d) She was just passing by and was pushed by the crowds.

4. Where does Maxine Waters give her speech after Daryl Gates resigns from the LAPD?
(a) At the First African Methodist Episcopal Church.
(b) At the Beverly Center.
(c) At the Polo Lounge.
(d) At the Beverly Hills Hotel.

5. What do the police officers tell Braun's son in an encounter?
(a) They will put a screw through his chest if he did not shut up.
(b) They will find a way to hunt him down.
(c) They will kill him if he did not shut up.
(d) They will kill his dad if he did not shut up.

6. What book does Elaine Brown author?
(a) A Taste of Acid.
(b) A Taste of Vinegar.
(c) A Taste of Sugar.
(d) A Taste of Power.

7. How many young people start gathering in Paula Weinstein and her husband's house?
(a) 15.
(b) 17.
(c) 16.
(d) 14.

8. Which statement best describes Twilight Bey's beliefs?
(a) Bad things happen at night.
(b) There is no afterlife.
(c) Everything that occurs in the daytime creates what happens at night.
(d) Bad things happen in daytime.

9. What statement does Hami Bhabha make about twilight?
(a) Twilight is an overrated, abused term.
(b) We see the sharp outlines visible in daylight when we look at the disturbance in twilight.
(c) Everyone should consider reading the twilight.
(d) There is no such thing as twilight.

10. What is the wrong perception about Daryl Gates' whereabouts when the disturbances begin?
(a) He was in church when in fact he was at home.
(b) He was reading a story to preschoolers when in fact he was at home.
(c) He was at a fundraiser when in fact he was in a meeting about Proposition F.
(d) He was in a meeting with other policemen when in fact he was at home.

11. What gun does Owen Smet start people out with?
(a) A nine millimeter.
(b) A thirty-eight.
(c) A forty-five pistol.
(d) An AK-47.

12. Who is with Betye Saar on the day the verdict is handed out?
(a) Her friend Tony.
(b) Her sister Roo.
(c) Her brother Buster.
(d) Her student Darby.

13. How popular is Daryl Gates at the time of the riots?
(a) He was not even known in the area.
(b) He was not so popular.
(c) He was as popular as Ronald Reagan.
(d) He was the most popular Republican in Los Angeles.

14. What particular case is Bill Bradley upset about?
(a) A law firm was sued by the LA police officers.
(b) An intern punched a partner in the face and nothing was reported.
(c) A friend from a big LA law firm was molested and the law firm did not complain.
(d) A lawyer punched an intern and the intern just kept quiet.

15. What statement does Peter Sellars give about the situation in the city?
(a) It was like being in a festival.
(b) It was like being in a merry-go-round.
(c) It was like being incinerated.
(d) It was like bungee-jumping.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does she describe picking up a gun and going into the streets without a plan or any reason other than rage?

2. What is Hami Bhabha's occupation?

3. What does twilight force us to be aware of?

4. How should readers react to twilight, as recommended by Hami Bhabha?

5. What does Mrs. Young-soon Han realize after the riots?

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