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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As shown in Gilmour's final findings, how many deaths involve the LAPD?
(a) 5.
(b) 51.
(c) 4.
(d) 9.

2. Do Koreans receive welfare or food stamps?
(a) No.
(b) Yes.
(c) Not all the time.
(d) When it's raining hard.

3. How does real estate agent Elaine Young come to be in the Beverly Hills Hotel on the day of the verdict?
(a) Her date canceled and she did not want to be alone at home.
(b) She met another real estate agent who wanted to hire her.
(c) She was just passing by and was pushed by the crowds.
(d) She saw a nice jewelry on display and decided to come in.

4. What question does Braun pose in relation to the Rodney King trial?
(a) Is it the quest for truth or is the society protecting itself?
(b) Why did they beat Reginald Denny?
(c) Who are Powell and Koon?
(d) Where are Laurie and Tina?

5. What statement does Paul Parker make about the LAPD's efforts to find and arrest the people responsible for Reginald Denny's beating?
(a) It was inefficient since not enough violence was employed.
(b) It shouldn't have been done in the first place.
(c) It would have been done better if the FBI was involved.
(d) The efforts were mostly a public relations program prompted by certain criticisms.

6. Why is Twilight Bey nicknamed "Twilight"?
(a) He stays out all night until the sun comes out.
(b) He is an albino.
(c) He does not go out during the daytime.
(d) He is afraid of the sunlight.

7. What does Braun think Pontius Pilate is doing?
(a) Love and hate for blacks.
(b) Politics and marriage.
(c) Being a ruler and being a counselor to his people.
(d) Trying to balance punishing an innocent man and keeping the public from uprising.

8. What statement best describes Bill Bradley's stand on the laws of the land?
(a) He acknowledges that the law treats different people in different ways.
(b) He does not acknowledge that the law treats different people in different ways.
(c) He does not like discussing the laws and people.
(d) He is outraged that someone should suggest differences in the treatment of people.

9. Whose story does Elaine Brown always tell young men who are drawn to the group by its guns?
(a) Jonathan Marie.
(b) Jonathan Jackson.
(c) Jonathan Laurie.
(d) Jonathan Clarke.

10. Which statement best describes Twilight Bey's feelings?
(a) Like a child learning how to walk.
(b) Like he is stuck in limbo.
(c) Like a child lost in a field of corn.
(d) Like walking in the dark.

11. What particular case is Bill Bradley upset about?
(a) A law firm was sued by the LA police officers.
(b) A friend from a big LA law firm was molested and the law firm did not complain.
(c) An intern punched a partner in the face and nothing was reported.
(d) A lawyer punched an intern and the intern just kept quiet.

12. What is a "deadeye"?
(a) A very good shooter.
(b) A very good gun cleaner.
(c) A very good assistant in the field.
(d) A very good range manager.

13. What gun does Owen Smet start people out with?
(a) A forty-five pistol.
(b) An AK-47.
(c) A thirty-eight.
(d) A nine millimeter.

14. Which African-American character does Mrs. Young-soon Han respect?
(a) Martin Luther King.
(b) Arsenio Hall.
(c) Eddie Murphy.
(d) Jesse Jackson.

15. How does Hami Bhabha describe the "twilight"?
(a) A moment of total zen.
(b) A moment of serenity.
(c) An in-between moment of ambivalence.
(d) A moment of total chaos.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the female student thinking of at the time of the riots?

2. What do the people tell Twilight Bey when they learn what he is doing in the streets?

3. Which statement best describes Twilight Bey's beliefs?

4. What is Betye Saar's current occupation?

5. What statement does Peter Sellars give about the situation in the city?

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