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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Salas' father's hatred of gringos stem from?
(a) From his childhood, when he was being bullied by gringos in his hometown.
(b) From fighting against the gringos when Pershing went after Pancho Villa in Chihuahua.
(c) From the fact that gringos are unreasonable people, as he experienced in his encounter with them in Mexico.
(d) From being brainstormed by his wife, who had a bad experience with gringos.

2. What name does Angela King call her nephew, Rodney?
(a) Ben.
(b) Carl.
(c) Glen.
(d) Victor.

3. According to Cornel West, what difference do black men have over black women, which therefore makes them heroes?
(a) Black men defy authority while black women cannot.
(b) Black men are more ideological.
(c) Black men are more obedient to the laws of the land.
(d) Black men know how to handle the politics and the environment.

4. What does Michael Zinzun do with his time?
(a) He devotes himself to looking for ways to make the city pay the civilian.
(b) He devotes himself to fighting police abuse.
(c) He devotes himself to organizing riots against policemen.
(d) He devotes himself to looking for a cure for blindness.

5. What is the Anonymous Man's belief in shooting a person in broad daylight?
(a) That most people will run away scared immediately instead of taking time to identify the shooter.
(b) That there is poetic justice in shooting someone in broad daylight.
(c) That under no circumstances should he shoot someone in broad daylight.
(d) He doesn't offer any belief or idea whatsoever on the topic.

6. What does the video show at the beginning of the riots?
(a) Several women fleeing the scene, leaving their cameras in the process.
(b) Rodney King exchanging a few angry words with the policemen.
(c) Several policemen talking to themselves, apparently discussing their strategy.
(d) Several men beating Reginald Denny, as well as some women taking pictures of the beating.

7. What reassurance does the police officer give to the jurors on the bus whom he is escorting to the courthouse?
(a) The people gathered in front of the courthouse did not care about the jurors, and therefore did not notice them.
(b) People don't recognize them anyway and that the commotion was very much a normal one.
(c) Everything will be forgotten in a week, so jurors should better come up with a verdict then.
(d) There is no need to worry if people threw rocks and bottles because the windows of the bus were bulletproof.

8. To what movie does the anonymous Hollywood agent compare the scene he sees in the garage with many people running?
(a) Independence Day.
(b) The Day After Tomorrow.
(c) Godzilla.
(d) Terminator 2.

9. According to Chris Oh, what happens at the time Walter Park is shot?
(a) He stepped on the accelerator and ran down a kid.
(b) He was talking to somebody on the phone when he hit a telephone pole.
(c) He was unable to stop his car and bumped his head on the windshield.
(d) He pressed down on his car's accelerator and ran into a telephone pole.

10. How does Rudy Salas, Sr. refer to his feelings of racism?
(a) Fantasy.
(b) Fanaticism.
(c) Epiphany.
(d) Insanity.

11. How does Stephen, Salas' son, handle his encounter with the policeman in which the policeman put a gun to his head?
(a) He told his father about it as soon as he came home.
(b) He made a complaint about the policeman in the nearest police station.
(c) Stephen did not tell his father right away.
(d) He wrote to all the major dailies to tell them of the abuse.

12. Which exclusive store is not frequented by many people because the prices are just too high?
(a) Magnum.
(b) Magnin.
(c) Mariott.
(d) Mignon.

13. How does Richard Kim describe the looting?
(a) Tthere was nothing like it.
(b) It was like being deaf and blind for a few minutes.
(c) It was like witnessing a kangaroo give birth.
(d) It was like going into a war.

14. What comment does Jason Sanford usually get from the police about his looks?
(a) That he looked like a responsible all-American white boy.
(b) That he looked so young for his age.
(c) That his looks will always lead him into trouble.
(d) He has not received any comment from the police about his looks.

15. What assurance does Walter Park hold on to, despite the fact that his wife is not expressive?
(a) She loves him even though she does not express it well.
(b) Their home cannot be touched by the rioters.
(c) They have a life insurance policy.
(d) She will never leave him for another man.

Short Answer Questions

1. What statement does Big Al make about the Rodney King beating and the media attention it receives?

2. In what state is Walter Park in while he is being interviewed?

3. According to Reginald Denny, why do people become upset whenever he gets his truck off the freeway?

4. How does Elvira Evers describe the looting that goes on after the Rodney King verdict?

5. What image does Anonymous Man project when he moves to the valley?

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