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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. There was once a demonstration of 850 people, including Spanish and white people. What is the event that precedes the demonstration?
(a) Allison's speech.
(b) Tiny's funeral.
(c) The general assembly of the Mothers ROC.
(d) The general assembly of the police in the area.

2. According to Jason Sanford, who are "they"?
(a) "They" are the Mexicans, Chinese and blacks that populate his neighborhood.
(b) "They" are the cops of Los Angeles.
(c) He does not give an explanation as to who "they" are.
(d) He says that "they" represent a combination of many things for him.

3. What is Jason Sanford's belief about him going out in the streets after the Rodney King verdict?
(a) That he might have been beaten terribly.
(b) That he would have been called in for questioning by the police.
(c) That he probably would not have been beaten because of how he looks.
(d) That he might be stoned.

4. How does Joe Viola describe the way he felt when he was caught in the riots?
(a) He suddenly felt heroic and wanted to protect the women and children he saw.
(b) He had never known riots could be so exciting.
(c) He suddenly cried and couldn't stop himself from crying.
(d) He was terrified for the first time in his life.

5. What reason does Katie Miller give to explain why Korean stores are burned in black neighborhoods?
(a) Blacks were not allowed inside the stores.
(b) The prices in the stores were higher for blacks than for Koreans.
(c) Koreans were really a snob race.
(d) Koreans never tried to get to know the people that came into the stores.

6. What does Michael Zinzun do with his time?
(a) He devotes himself to looking for ways to make the city pay the civilian.
(b) He devotes himself to organizing riots against policemen.
(c) He devotes himself to fighting police abuse.
(d) He devotes himself to looking for a cure for blindness.

7. Who is shot during the looting of Richard Kim's appliance store?
(a) Richard Kim's mother.
(b) Richard Kim's sister.
(c) Richard Kim.
(d) Richard Kim's father.

8. How does Mrs. Park describe her ordeal during Mr. Park's hospitalization?
(a) She spends all her time at church, praying for his recovery.
(b) She spends all her time with him, taking care of him.
(c) She cannot bear to look at him.
(d) She asked her relatives to be with her to help her take care of Mr. Park.

9. Who took a video of the beating from their helicopter over the intersection of Florence and Normandie?
(a) Judith Tur and her cameraman.
(b) John and Murika Tur.
(c) Murika and Judith Tur.
(d) John and Judith Tur.

10. What time does Tom Bradley and his staff plan to go to the media to issue a statement on their reaction to the verdict?
(a) Four o'clock in the afternoon.
(b) Six o'clock in the afternoon.
(c) Five o'clock in the afternoon.
(d) Eight o'clock the following morning.

11. While confined in the hospital on morphine, Reginald Denny remembers some characters coming to see him. Who are they?
(a) Tyra Banks and Eddie Murphy.
(b) Reverend Jesse Jackson and Arsenio Hall.
(c) Denzel Washington and Lawrence Martin.
(d) Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith.

12. In what language does Chung Lee tell his story?
(a) Japanese.
(b) English.
(c) Korean.
(d) Mandarin Chinese.

13. How does Mike Davis describe the gang truce he has witnessed?
(a) Staged.
(b) Politically motivated.
(c) Miraculous.
(d) An act in survival.

14. According to Reginald Denny, why do people become upset whenever he gets his truck off the freeway?
(a) His truck is a very noisy truck.
(b) He drives like a madman.
(c) He honks his horn very loudly whenever he makes a turn.
(d) He takes up a lot of space when turning because his truck is so big.

15. What image does Anonymous Man project when he moves to the valley?
(a) An image of someone who is at close ties with the police.
(b) A very wealthy gang member.
(c) A one-man army that did not need any homeboys.
(d) An image of being a nobody.

Short Answer Questions

1. What specific skills is Oh concerned about; one that his father can no longer perform?

2. What is "a badge of courage" as referred to in the story?

3. What statement does Sergeant Charles Duke give about Officer Powell's use of his police baton?

4. What does Walter Park talk about during the interview?

5. According to Chris Oh, how is his father shot, based on the story he hears?

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