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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What specific skills is Oh concerned about; one that his father can no longer perform?
(a) Driving.
(b) Golfing.
(c) Writing.
(d) Reading.

2. According to the Anonymous Man, what has changed between older and younger gang members?
(a) Younger members have become much more aggressive than the older gang members.
(b) Older gang members respected their elders, but such respect has disappeared among younger members.
(c) Older gang members are great conversationalists, while this skill is lost on younger gang members.
(d) Younger gang members have become louder, and tend to attract more attention than older gang members.

3. According to Katie Miller, who does the looting in the Korean stores?
(a) Blacks.
(b) Asians.
(c) White Americans.
(d) Mexicans.

4. According to Big Al, what could Denny have been trying to do by driving his truck down a residential street?
(a) Making friends with his neighbors.
(b) Intimidating the neighborhood.
(c) Showing off his truck.
(d) He was looking for someone to beat.

5. How much fine does Julio Menjivar have to pay as a result of his arrest?
(a) $250.
(b) $150.
(c) $500.
(d) $350.

6. What reason does Katie Miller give to explain why Korean stores are burned in black neighborhoods?
(a) Koreans were really a snob race.
(b) Blacks were not allowed inside the stores.
(c) The prices in the stores were higher for blacks than for Koreans.
(d) Koreans never tried to get to know the people that came into the stores.

7. Who took a video of the beating from their helicopter over the intersection of Florence and Normandie?
(a) Murika and Judith Tur.
(b) John and Judith Tur.
(c) John and Murika Tur.
(d) Judith Tur and her cameraman.

8. Who is Chung Lee?
(a) The dead man who fell in the tall building.
(b) A passerby who witnessed the beating of Rodney King.
(c) The president of the Korean-American Victims Association.
(d) The chief of police for the Korean community in the area.

9. According to Reginald Denny, why do people become upset whenever he gets his truck off the freeway?
(a) He drives like a madman.
(b) His truck is a very noisy truck.
(c) He takes up a lot of space when turning because his truck is so big.
(d) He honks his horn very loudly whenever he makes a turn.

10. What is the vision in the early 1960s, according to Mike Davis?
(a) Black kids can be surfers, too.
(b) Black kids should be separated from white kids.
(c) Black kids should be given special treatment.
(d) Black kids should be given twice the challenges that white kids endure.

11. Who arrives at the scene of the looting, and also eventually harms Julio Menjivar?
(a) The Los Angeles Police.
(b) The Federal Bureau of Investigation.
(c) The Crime Scene Investigation Unit.
(d) The National Guard.

12. How much does Michael Zinzun get from the trial in which the city is ordered to pay him?
(a) $1.2 million.
(b) $12 million.
(c) $2.1 million.
(d) $3 million.

13. How does Angela King describe their upbringing when it comes to the issue of racism?
(a) That they were not raised in a racist way.
(b) That they were raised to only mingle with the blacks, and were forbidden to make friends with any other race.
(c) That they grew up thinking the other races were enemies.
(d) That they were forced to make friends only with the other races, and forbidden to mingle with blacks.

14. In what state is Walter Park in while he is being interviewed?
(a) With Alzheimer's disease.
(b) Healthy and vibrant.
(c) Brain-damaged and heavily sedated.
(d) Connected to a life support system.

15. According to Cornel West, why do gunfighters become heroes?
(a) Because gunfighters usually have high moral standards.
(b) Because of the number of people they have killed.
(c) Because of their guns, and being a gunfighter is equated to being tough.
(d) Because of their experience in fighting.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Chris Oh's occupation?

2. Who is shot during the looting of Richard Kim's appliance store?

3. According to Oh, what significant function does the frontal lobe of the brain perform?

4. Why does Josie Morales keep watching the beating of Rodney King from her apartment?

5. What comment does Jason Sanford usually get from the police about his looks?

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