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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the video show at the beginning of the riots?
(a) Several women fleeing the scene, leaving their cameras in the process.
(b) Several men beating Reginald Denny, as well as some women taking pictures of the beating.
(c) Rodney King exchanging a few angry words with the policemen.
(d) Several policemen talking to themselves, apparently discussing their strategy.

2. What effect does his encounter with the police officers in 1942 have on Salas?
(a) He maintained a community newspaper that printed only stories about policemen.
(b) A strong hatred for white police officers.
(c) A strong admiration for police officers.
(d) He founded an organization whose sole aim is to keep track of the movements of the policemen in his community.

3. How does Michael Zinzun come to be blind in one eye?
(a) Michael Zinzun is not at all blind in one eye.
(b) During a riot, one of the policemen hit him in the eye with a flashlight.
(c) He was frying pancakes one time and the sizzling butter zinged his right eye.
(d) In one of the riots he attended, there was a stray bullet which hit him on the left eye.

4. What does Michael Zinzun do with his time?
(a) He devotes himself to looking for ways to make the city pay the civilian.
(b) He devotes himself to fighting police abuse.
(c) He devotes himself to organizing riots against policemen.
(d) He devotes himself to looking for a cure for blindness.

5. Who is Chung Lee?
(a) The chief of police for the Korean community in the area.
(b) A passerby who witnessed the beating of Rodney King.
(c) The president of the Korean-American Victims Association.
(d) The dead man who fell in the tall building.

6. What comment does Julio Menjivar hear from the police officers who are passing by the looting scene?
(a) They said that it was fine that they were destroying their own neighborhood.
(b) A threat about starting a fire in the neighborhood.
(c) An expression of fear.
(d) A joke about how pleasant it would be if a fire was started.

7. How does Joe Viola describe the way he felt when he was caught in the riots?
(a) He was terrified for the first time in his life.
(b) He suddenly felt heroic and wanted to protect the women and children he saw.
(c) He had never known riots could be so exciting.
(d) He suddenly cried and couldn't stop himself from crying.

8. How much fine does Julio Menjivar have to pay as a result of his arrest?
(a) $500.
(b) $150.
(c) $350.
(d) $250.

9. While confined in the hospital on morphine, Reginald Denny remembers some characters coming to see him. Who are they?
(a) Denzel Washington and Lawrence Martin.
(b) Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith.
(c) Reverend Jesse Jackson and Arsenio Hall.
(d) Tyra Banks and Eddie Murphy.

10. How does Elvira Evers describe the looting that goes on after the Rodney King verdict?
(a) There wasn't any looting that took place after the verdict.
(b) Colored people looted only from white-owned stores and vice versa.
(c) Everyone was taking things and was acting as if they were at a carnival.
(d) Everyone united in looting, conspiring to get the most out of the stores.

11. What effect does being a policeman have inside a courtroom?
(a) He silences the crowd inside the courtroom because of the raw power he exudes.
(b) He makes people stay away from courtrooms.
(c) He always brings about riot in the courtroom because of the passionate feelings the public has towards policemen in general.
(d) He seems to be surrounded by a kind of magic brought about by the respect people have for members of the police force.

12. How does Mrs. Park describe her ordeal during Mr. Park's hospitalization?
(a) She spends all her time with him, taking care of him.
(b) She cannot bear to look at him.
(c) She asked her relatives to be with her to help her take care of Mr. Park.
(d) She spends all her time at church, praying for his recovery.

13. What statement does Tom Bradley eventually make when the verdict is announced?
(a) He said that the judicial system once again worked.
(b) Support for the verdict and the jurors.
(c) He suddenly changed his mind and chose not to give any statement.
(d) Outrage at the verdict, but he discouraged violence.

14. According to Mrs. Park, how do the police come to know Mr. Park in the Compton area?
(a) He provides their booze for free.
(b) He had opened his store for them one time.
(c) He gives them money every Christmas.
(d) He had donated a lot of money to the Compton area.

15. Which exclusive store is not frequented by many people because the prices are just too high?
(a) Mignon.
(b) Magnin.
(c) Mariott.
(d) Magnum.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who arrives at the scene of the looting, and also eventually harms Julio Menjivar?

2. What particular incident makes Viola go into shock?

3. How does Richard Kim describe the looting?

4. What time does Tom Bradley and his staff plan to go to the media to issue a statement on their reaction to the verdict?

5. What statement does Big Al make about the Rodney King beating and the media attention it receives?

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