Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Briefly explain Rudy Salas, Sr.'s hatred of white police. Where does it come from and what continuously fuels it?

Rudy Salas, Sr.'s hatred of the white police developed after he was beaten by them in 1942. In this encounter, four policemen took him into a room, locked the door and kicked him in the head. This resulted to a fractured eardrum and eventually made him deaf. This is continuously fueled by other encounters with the policemen wherein members of his family suffered abuse from the police, such as the one time when the police insulted his older son Rudy and another time when they pulled his wife Margaret over in her car for no reason.

2. Explain Salas' feelings of racism, and how it affects his daily life.

Salas refers to his feelings of racism as an insanity. He believes that whites were physically inferior and that they are afraid of minorities. He loves to see this fear in white people and he confesses to having a prejudice against white people. He denies being a racist. He has white friends but he does not label them as "white".

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