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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Justice, Lucia.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Josie Morales' husband want to go inside and stop watching?
(a) He was afraid to watch because he grew up in Mexico where police abuse is prevalent.
(b) He was afraid that they will be asked to testify in the trial.
(c) He was afraid that they might be seen and be involved.
(d) He was afraid that Rodney King might call to them for help.

2. What does Gil Garcetti believe in when it comes to jurors and their participation in trials?
(a) The judiciary system has to be changed to give less power to jurors and more to judges and district attorneys.
(b) Ordinary civilians should not be tasked with matters of the law.
(c) Most jurors take their oath seriously and because the burden of proof in a criminal trial is very high, jurors must carefully examine and consider all evidence in a case.
(d) Most jurors do not take their duties seriously and that their participation in trials be limited to those of observers.

3. According to Richard Kim, what does his father tell him about the day of the verdict when they went looking for police?
(a) There were no police to be found when the looting of their applicance store started.
(b) The police asked for money before assisting them.
(c) The police quickly helped them, which prevented their store from being looted.
(d) The police ignored them because they were playing a game of poker.

4. What gun does Owen Smet start people out with?
(a) An AK-47.
(b) A nine millimeter.
(c) A thirty-eight.
(d) A forty-five pistol.

5. According to Hami Bhabha, what are the people trying to understand?
(a) The ambivalence of what happened in Los Angeles.
(b) The calm among government officials.
(c) The serenity of the riots.
(d) The complete control of the police force over the rioters.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Chris Oh, what happens at the time Walter Park is shot?

2. What particular incident makes Viola go into shock?

3. What is the female student thinking of at the time of the riots?

4. Which exclusive store is not frequented by many people because the prices are just too high?

5. What is Bill Bradley's position?

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