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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Twilight, I Remember Going... | Twilight, A Jungian Collective Unconscious.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the Anonymous Man, what has changed between older and younger gang members?
(a) Older gang members respected their elders, but such respect has disappeared among younger members.
(b) Younger gang members have become louder, and tend to attract more attention than older gang members.
(c) Older gang members are great conversationalists, while this skill is lost on younger gang members.
(d) Younger members have become much more aggressive than the older gang members.

2. What comparison does Peter Sellars make about the United States and his father?
(a) They were both cheap.
(b) They both loved being over the top.
(c) They both loved guns.
(d) They were both extravagant.

3. What is Jason Sanford's belief about him going out in the streets after the Rodney King verdict?
(a) That he would have been called in for questioning by the police.
(b) That he might be stoned.
(c) That he probably would not have been beaten because of how he looks.
(d) That he might have been beaten terribly.

4. Who is Chung Lee?
(a) The president of the Korean-American Victims Association.
(b) A passerby who witnessed the beating of Rodney King.
(c) The chief of police for the Korean community in the area.
(d) The dead man who fell in the tall building.

5. What assurance does Walter Park hold on to, despite the fact that his wife is not expressive?
(a) She will never leave him for another man.
(b) They have a life insurance policy.
(c) She loves him even though she does not express it well.
(d) Their home cannot be touched by the rioters.

Short Answer Questions

1. What effect does his encounter with the police officers in 1942 have on Salas?

2. What happens to Chung Lee and to his family the day the Rodney King verdicts are announced?

3. While driving downtown, what incident does Stanley K. Sheinbaum cite as a premonition of bad things to come?

4. How many young people start gathering in Paula Weinstein and her husband's house?

5. What does Joe Viola tell his wife when he recovers from all of the shock?

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