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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The War Zone, That's Another Story | The War Zone, Godzilla.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What comment does Jason Sanford usually get from the police about his looks?
(a) That he looked so young for his age.
(b) He has not received any comment from the police about his looks.
(c) That he looked like a responsible all-American white boy.
(d) That his looks will always lead him into trouble.

2. How does Stephen, Salas' son, handle his encounter with the policeman in which the policeman put a gun to his head?
(a) He told his father about it as soon as he came home.
(b) He wrote to all the major dailies to tell them of the abuse.
(c) Stephen did not tell his father right away.
(d) He made a complaint about the policeman in the nearest police station.

3. While confined in the hospital on morphine, Reginald Denny remembers some characters coming to see him. Who are they?
(a) Reverend Jesse Jackson and Arsenio Hall.
(b) Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith.
(c) Denzel Washington and Lawrence Martin.
(d) Tyra Banks and Eddie Murphy.

4. What incident does Big Al describe in which he realizes that the conditions in which he lives are so dangerous that everyone must be qualified to carry firearms?
(a) A man with a gun used it to buy bubble gums.
(b) A man with his baby walked into a gun store and bought a gun while the baby looked on.
(c) A man at a bubble gum machine pulled a gun on him once.
(d) He saw a six-year old child carrying a real gun.

5. What reassurance does the police officer give to the jurors on the bus whom he is escorting to the courthouse?
(a) There is no need to worry if people threw rocks and bottles because the windows of the bus were bulletproof.
(b) People don't recognize them anyway and that the commotion was very much a normal one.
(c) Everything will be forgotten in a week, so jurors should better come up with a verdict then.
(d) The people gathered in front of the courthouse did not care about the jurors, and therefore did not notice them.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what language does Chung Lee tell his story?

2. What comment does Julio Menjivar hear from the police officers who are passing by the looting scene?

3. How does Mike Davis describe the gang truce he has witnessed?

4. What is Jason Sanford's belief about him going out in the streets after the Rodney King verdict?

5. Sheinbaum heard women screaming about people coming into the building. At that same time, what comes through the seven to ten-foot high plate glass windowpanes?

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