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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The War Zone, That's Another Story | The War Zone, Godzilla.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What incident does Big Al describe in which he realizes that the conditions in which he lives are so dangerous that everyone must be qualified to carry firearms?
(a) A man at a bubble gum machine pulled a gun on him once.
(b) A man with his baby walked into a gun store and bought a gun while the baby looked on.
(c) He saw a six-year old child carrying a real gun.
(d) A man with a gun used it to buy bubble gums.

2. What comment does Jason Sanford usually get from the police about his looks?
(a) He has not received any comment from the police about his looks.
(b) That he looked like a responsible all-American white boy.
(c) That he looked so young for his age.
(d) That his looks will always lead him into trouble.

3. What action plan do the upper middle class in the Beverly Hills restaurant talk about in relation to the riots?
(a) Hiding in their homes.
(b) Buying a gun.
(c) Leaving town.
(d) Hiring private security.

4. Where does Salas' father's hatred of gringos stem from?
(a) From being brainstormed by his wife, who had a bad experience with gringos.
(b) From the fact that gringos are unreasonable people, as he experienced in his encounter with them in Mexico.
(c) From fighting against the gringos when Pershing went after Pancho Villa in Chihuahua.
(d) From his childhood, when he was being bullied by gringos in his hometown.

5. What happens when Captain Lane Haywood gets up on the roof to handle the fire better?
(a) The roof collapses and he becomes trapped in the fire.
(b) He finds himself and his men targets of the gunfire.
(c) It suddenly rains.
(d) Some of the rioters stop him from coming down.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Michael Zinzun come to be blind in one eye?

2. To what movie does the anonymous Hollywood agent compare the scene he sees in the garage with many people running?

3. According to the Anonymous Man, what has changed between older and younger gang members?

4. What is Proposition F?

5. How does Richard Kim describe the looting?

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