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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The War Zone, A Weird Common Thread in Our Lives | The War Zone, A Badge of Courage.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Mike Davis, what does the gang truce signify?
(a) That there is a generation that refuses to commit suicide.
(b) That the youth of today are intelligent human beings who think about society.
(c) That there is still hope among the youth of today.
(d) That the youth of today value their parents very much.

2. What happens when Captain Lane Haywood gets up on the roof to handle the fire better?
(a) He finds himself and his men targets of the gunfire.
(b) The roof collapses and he becomes trapped in the fire.
(c) It suddenly rains.
(d) Some of the rioters stop him from coming down.

3. What statement does Haywood make about the women he sees in the riots and the fire?
(a) They all looked frail and fragile and it was unfortunate that they were caught up in the riots.
(b) He saw how gentle the female species were.
(c) He felt an urgent need to protect the women he saw.
(d) He has never seen such hostility in females as he saw that day.

4. What is the vision in the early 1960s, according to Mike Davis?
(a) Black kids should be separated from white kids.
(b) Black kids should be given twice the challenges that white kids endure.
(c) Black kids can be surfers, too.
(d) Black kids should be given special treatment.

5. According to Theresa Allison, what event prompts her to start the Mothers Reclaiming Our Children (Mothers ROC) group?
(a) The killing of her nephew, Tiny, in 1991.
(b) The weakening of the dollar in the international market.
(c) The finalization of her divorce with her husband.
(d) The addiction of one of her sons to drugs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Chung Lee and to his family the day the Rodney King verdicts are announced?

2. Sheinbaum heard women screaming about people coming into the building. At that same time, what comes through the seven to ten-foot high plate glass windowpanes?

3. What are "choke holds"?

4. There was once a demonstration of 850 people, including Spanish and white people. What is the event that precedes the demonstration?

5. In what language does Chung Lee tell his story?

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