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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The War Zone, A Weird Common Thread in Our Lives | The War Zone, A Badge of Courage.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Josie Morales never called to testify for the trial of Rodney King?
(a) Because she did come forward and expressed willingness to testify.
(b) Because she is a woman.
(c) Because she is not all-American.
(d) She was told that her testimony contradicted that of another witness, Melanie Singer.

2. Why does Josie Morales' husband want to go inside and stop watching?
(a) He was afraid that they might be seen and be involved.
(b) He was afraid that they will be asked to testify in the trial.
(c) He was afraid that Rodney King might call to them for help.
(d) He was afraid to watch because he grew up in Mexico where police abuse is prevalent.

3. What is the vision in the early 1960s, according to Mike Davis?
(a) Black kids should be separated from white kids.
(b) Black kids should be given special treatment.
(c) Black kids should be given twice the challenges that white kids endure.
(d) Black kids can be surfers, too.

4. How does Stephen, Salas' son, handle his encounter with the policeman in which the policeman put a gun to his head?
(a) He wrote to all the major dailies to tell them of the abuse.
(b) He made a complaint about the policeman in the nearest police station.
(c) He told his father about it as soon as he came home.
(d) Stephen did not tell his father right away.

5. According to Cornel West, what difference do black men have over black women, which therefore makes them heroes?
(a) Black men know how to handle the politics and the environment.
(b) Black men are more obedient to the laws of the land.
(c) Black men are more ideological.
(d) Black men defy authority while black women cannot.

Short Answer Questions

1. While driving downtown, what incident does Stanley K. Sheinbaum cite as a premonition of bad things to come?

2. Particularly for Salas, when does he realize that gringos are his enemies?

3. There was once a demonstration of 850 people, including Spanish and white people. What is the event that precedes the demonstration?

4. How does Angela King react whenever she talks about the beating of her nephew and of his condition?

5. What statement does Sergeant Charles Duke give about Officer Powell's use of his police baton?

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