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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Here's A Nobody, Magic | Here's A Nobody, Hammer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Josie Morales never called to testify for the trial of Rodney King?
(a) Because she is not all-American.
(b) Because she did come forward and expressed willingness to testify.
(c) She was told that her testimony contradicted that of another witness, Melanie Singer.
(d) Because she is a woman.

2. What theory does the scholar Cornel West give on gangsterism?
(a) Gangsterism is an ideology created by people who have lost all hope.
(b) Gangsterism is overrated in general.
(c) Gangsterism arises from the frontier myth and the myth of the gunfighter in American history.
(d) Gangsterism is a lousy excuse for unacceptable behavior.

3. Who are the "curious people"?
(a) They are the gangs of Los Angeles whom Stanley K. Sheinbaum had a chance to talk to.
(b) They are the old ladies in the neighborhood of Los Angeles, who tend to pry in all the happenings around them.
(c) They are the kids of Los Angeles who have an overwhelming curiosity about everything around them.
(d) They are the bag ladies loitering the streets of Los Angeles.

4. According to the Anonymous Man, what has changed between older and younger gang members?
(a) Younger gang members have become louder, and tend to attract more attention than older gang members.
(b) Younger members have become much more aggressive than the older gang members.
(c) Older gang members respected their elders, but such respect has disappeared among younger members.
(d) Older gang members are great conversationalists, while this skill is lost on younger gang members.

5. How does Rudy Salas, Sr. refer to his feelings of racism?
(a) Fantasy.
(b) Epiphany.
(c) Fanaticism.
(d) Insanity.

Short Answer Questions

1. What statement does Garcetti make about the credibility of police officers?

2. What is Proposition F?

3. What is Jason Sanford's belief about him going out in the streets after the Rodney King verdict?

4. What image does Anonymous Man project when he moves to the valley?

5. What does Gil Garcetti believe in when it comes to jurors and their participation in trials?

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