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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Here's A Nobody, Magic | Here's A Nobody, Hammer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reassurance does the police officer give to the jurors on the bus whom he is escorting to the courthouse?
(a) People don't recognize them anyway and that the commotion was very much a normal one.
(b) Everything will be forgotten in a week, so jurors should better come up with a verdict then.
(c) The people gathered in front of the courthouse did not care about the jurors, and therefore did not notice them.
(d) There is no need to worry if people threw rocks and bottles because the windows of the bus were bulletproof.

2. Why is Josie Morales never called to testify for the trial of Rodney King?
(a) Because she is a woman.
(b) Because she did come forward and expressed willingness to testify.
(c) Because she is not all-American.
(d) She was told that her testimony contradicted that of another witness, Melanie Singer.

3. How does Michael Zinzun come to be blind in one eye?
(a) Michael Zinzun is not at all blind in one eye.
(b) He was frying pancakes one time and the sizzling butter zinged his right eye.
(c) During a riot, one of the policemen hit him in the eye with a flashlight.
(d) In one of the riots he attended, there was a stray bullet which hit him on the left eye.

4. What statement does the anonymous juror from Simi Valley make about his involvement in the Rodney King trial?
(a) If he had known what would happen afterwards, he would have sent a note to the judge to say that he could not be on the jury because of what it put him and his family through.
(b) This particular case should have been done in a very private, confidential manner.
(c) His vote was very critical in the verdict and the events that followed the trial.
(d) He would have voted differently if he had known what would happen afterwards.

5. What statement does Sergeant Charles Duke give about Officer Powell's use of his police baton?
(a) Officer Powell shouldn't have been allowed to use the police baton at all.
(b) The police baton Officer Powell was using was substandard and therefore offered no force.
(c) Officer Powell was not using his polce baton effectively.
(d) Officer Powell is an expert at the use of police baton.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Salas' father's hatred of gringos stem from?

2. What effect does his encounter with the police officers in 1942 have on Salas?

3. What are "choke holds"?

4. What statement does Sergeant Duke give about the importance of choke holds?

5. What theory does the scholar Cornel West give on gangsterism?

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