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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Here's A Nobody, Magic | Here's A Nobody, Hammer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Josie Morales keep watching the beating of Rodney King from her apartment?
(a) She believes that what the police were doing was a wrong thing and she wanted to be able to testify at the trial.
(b) She was enjoying the beating of Rodney King.
(c) She was waiting for an opportunity to help Rodney King.
(d) She was waiting for an opportunity to discuss with her neighbors.

2. What does Michael Zinzun do with his time?
(a) He devotes himself to organizing riots against policemen.
(b) He devotes himself to fighting police abuse.
(c) He devotes himself to looking for a cure for blindness.
(d) He devotes himself to looking for ways to make the city pay the civilian.

3. What is Jason Sanford's belief about him going out in the streets after the Rodney King verdict?
(a) That he probably would not have been beaten because of how he looks.
(b) That he might have been beaten terribly.
(c) That he might be stoned.
(d) That he would have been called in for questioning by the police.

4. According to Cornel West, why do gunfighters become heroes?
(a) Because of the number of people they have killed.
(b) Because of their experience in fighting.
(c) Because gunfighters usually have high moral standards.
(d) Because of their guns, and being a gunfighter is equated to being tough.

5. What is the vision in the early 1960s, according to Mike Davis?
(a) Black kids should be given special treatment.
(b) Black kids can be surfers, too.
(c) Black kids should be separated from white kids.
(d) Black kids should be given twice the challenges that white kids endure.

Short Answer Questions

1. While driving downtown, what incident does Stanley K. Sheinbaum cite as a premonition of bad things to come?

2. What is the Anonymous Man's belief in shooting a person in broad daylight?

3. Particularly for Salas, when does he realize that gringos are his enemies?

4. How does Angela King describe their upbringing when it comes to the issue of racism?

5. According to the Anonymous Man, what has changed between older and younger gang members?

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