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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Here's A Nobody, Carmen | Here's A Nobody, Where the Water Is.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What image does Anonymous Man project when he moves to the valley?
(a) An image of being a nobody.
(b) A very wealthy gang member.
(c) A one-man army that did not need any homeboys.
(d) An image of someone who is at close ties with the police.

2. According to Cornel West, what difference do black men have over black women, which therefore makes them heroes?
(a) Black men know how to handle the politics and the environment.
(b) Black men are more ideological.
(c) Black men are more obedient to the laws of the land.
(d) Black men defy authority while black women cannot.

3. What theory does the scholar Cornel West give on gangsterism?
(a) Gangsterism arises from the frontier myth and the myth of the gunfighter in American history.
(b) Gangsterism is overrated in general.
(c) Gangsterism is a lousy excuse for unacceptable behavior.
(d) Gangsterism is an ideology created by people who have lost all hope.

4. How does Angela King react whenever she talks about the beating of her nephew and of his condition?
(a) She raises her voice in anger.
(b) She does not show any emotion.
(c) She curses all the policemen in the world.
(d) She cries.

5. According to Jason Sanford, who are "they"?
(a) "They" are the Mexicans, Chinese and blacks that populate his neighborhood.
(b) He does not give an explanation as to who "they" are.
(c) "They" are the cops of Los Angeles.
(d) He says that "they" represent a combination of many things for him.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much does Michael Zinzun get from the trial in which the city is ordered to pay him?

2. What are "choke holds"?

3. What is the vision in the early 1960s, according to Mike Davis?

4. How does Michael Zinzun come to be blind in one eye?

5. According to the Anonymous Man, what has changed between older and younger gang members?

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