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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Here's A Nobody, Carmen | Here's A Nobody, Where the Water Is.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are the "curious people"?
(a) They are the old ladies in the neighborhood of Los Angeles, who tend to pry in all the happenings around them.
(b) They are the bag ladies loitering the streets of Los Angeles.
(c) They are the kids of Los Angeles who have an overwhelming curiosity about everything around them.
(d) They are the gangs of Los Angeles whom Stanley K. Sheinbaum had a chance to talk to.

2. What comment does Jason Sanford usually get from the police about his looks?
(a) That his looks will always lead him into trouble.
(b) That he looked so young for his age.
(c) He has not received any comment from the police about his looks.
(d) That he looked like a responsible all-American white boy.

3. According to Theresa Allison, what event prompts her to start the Mothers Reclaiming Our Children (Mothers ROC) group?
(a) The addiction of one of her sons to drugs.
(b) The finalization of her divorce with her husband.
(c) The weakening of the dollar in the international market.
(d) The killing of her nephew, Tiny, in 1991.

4. What effect does his encounter with the police officers in 1942 have on Salas?
(a) He maintained a community newspaper that printed only stories about policemen.
(b) He founded an organization whose sole aim is to keep track of the movements of the policemen in his community.
(c) A strong hatred for white police officers.
(d) A strong admiration for police officers.

5. How does Stephen, Salas' son, handle his encounter with the policeman in which the policeman put a gun to his head?
(a) He made a complaint about the policeman in the nearest police station.
(b) Stephen did not tell his father right away.
(c) He told his father about it as soon as he came home.
(d) He wrote to all the major dailies to tell them of the abuse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Jason Sanford's belief about him going out in the streets after the Rodney King verdict?

2. What image does Anonymous Man project when he moves to the valley?

3. How does Angela King react whenever she talks about the beating of her nephew and of his condition?

4. What name does Angela King call her nephew, Rodney?

5. How does Michael Zinzun come to be blind in one eye?

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