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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Here's A Nobody, Carmen | Here's A Nobody, Where the Water Is.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Rudy Salas, Sr. refer to his feelings of racism?
(a) Fantasy.
(b) Insanity.
(c) Epiphany.
(d) Fanaticism.

2. There was once a demonstration of 850 people, including Spanish and white people. What is the event that precedes the demonstration?
(a) The general assembly of the Mothers ROC.
(b) Tiny's funeral.
(c) The general assembly of the police in the area.
(d) Allison's speech.

3. Who are the "curious people"?
(a) They are the kids of Los Angeles who have an overwhelming curiosity about everything around them.
(b) They are the gangs of Los Angeles whom Stanley K. Sheinbaum had a chance to talk to.
(c) They are the old ladies in the neighborhood of Los Angeles, who tend to pry in all the happenings around them.
(d) They are the bag ladies loitering the streets of Los Angeles.

4. Where does Salas' father's hatred of gringos stem from?
(a) From the fact that gringos are unreasonable people, as he experienced in his encounter with them in Mexico.
(b) From fighting against the gringos when Pershing went after Pancho Villa in Chihuahua.
(c) From his childhood, when he was being bullied by gringos in his hometown.
(d) From being brainstormed by his wife, who had a bad experience with gringos.

5. According to Mike Davis, what does the gang truce signify?
(a) That the youth of today are intelligent human beings who think about society.
(b) That there is still hope among the youth of today.
(c) That the youth of today value their parents very much.
(d) That there is a generation that refuses to commit suicide.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the Anonymous Man, what has changed between older and younger gang members?

2. According to Cornel West, why do gunfighters become heroes?

3. What is the Anonymous Man's belief in shooting a person in broad daylight?

4. How much does Michael Zinzun get from the trial in which the city is ordered to pay him?

5. What statement does Allison make about the police and their style when it comes to killings?

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