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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The War Zone, That's Another Story | The War Zone, Godzilla.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Theresa Allison, what event prompts her to start the Mothers Reclaiming Our Children (Mothers ROC) group?
(a) The killing of her nephew, Tiny, in 1991.
(b) The weakening of the dollar in the international market.
(c) The addiction of one of her sons to drugs.
(d) The finalization of her divorce with her husband.

2. What do the doctors at the hospital tell Evers?
(a) The baby cannot live longer than seven days.
(b) The baby will have a sustained sickness from the bullet.
(c) The baby caught the bullet in her arms, which saved both Evers and the baby.
(d) The baby will be deaf because of the loud shot it heard.

3. What incident does Big Al describe in which he realizes that the conditions in which he lives are so dangerous that everyone must be qualified to carry firearms?
(a) He saw a six-year old child carrying a real gun.
(b) A man at a bubble gum machine pulled a gun on him once.
(c) A man with a gun used it to buy bubble gums.
(d) A man with his baby walked into a gun store and bought a gun while the baby looked on.

4. Sheinbaum heard women screaming about people coming into the building. At that same time, what comes through the seven to ten-foot high plate glass windowpanes?
(a) A black cat.
(b) A car.
(c) A dead man.
(d) A rock.

5. How does Elvira Evers describe the looting that goes on after the Rodney King verdict?
(a) Colored people looted only from white-owned stores and vice versa.
(b) Everyone united in looting, conspiring to get the most out of the stores.
(c) Everyone was taking things and was acting as if they were at a carnival.
(d) There wasn't any looting that took place after the verdict.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Proposition F?

2. What statement does Haywood make about the women he sees in the riots and the fire?

3. Particularly for Salas, when does he realize that gringos are his enemies?

4. How does Joe Viola describe the way he felt when he was caught in the riots?

5. What comment does Jason Sanford usually get from the police about his looks?

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