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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Twilight, Twilight #1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Michael Zinzun come to be blind in one eye?
(a) Michael Zinzun is not at all blind in one eye.
(b) He was frying pancakes one time and the sizzling butter zinged his right eye.
(c) In one of the riots he attended, there was a stray bullet which hit him on the left eye.
(d) During a riot, one of the policemen hit him in the eye with a flashlight.

2. What statement does Sergeant Charles Duke give about Officer Powell's use of his police baton?
(a) Officer Powell is an expert at the use of police baton.
(b) Officer Powell was not using his polce baton effectively.
(c) Officer Powell shouldn't have been allowed to use the police baton at all.
(d) The police baton Officer Powell was using was substandard and therefore offered no force.

3. Whose story does Elaine Brown always tell young men who are drawn to the group by its guns?
(a) Jonathan Jackson.
(b) Jonathan Marie.
(c) Jonathan Laurie.
(d) Jonathan Clarke.

4. How does Otis Chandler feel towards improving things around him?
(a) Things can only be improved by throwing money around.
(b) Things are not hopeless nor can everything be improved by throwing money around.
(c) He does not make any statement about the issue.
(d) Things are hopeless now no matter how much money there is.

5. How does she describe picking up a gun and going into the streets without a plan or any reason other than rage?
(a) Foolish.
(b) Upsetting.
(c) Disastrous.
(d) Ideal.

Short Answer Questions

1. What statement does Judith Tur make about white people and their anger?

2. According to Jason Sanford, who are "they"?

3. How much fine does Julio Menjivar have to pay as a result of his arrest?

4. How many young people start gathering in Paula Weinstein and her husband's house?

5. According to Big Al, what could Denny have been trying to do by driving his truck down a residential street?

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