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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Twilight, Twilight #1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Angela King describe their upbringing when it comes to the issue of racism?
(a) That they were not raised in a racist way.
(b) That they were forced to make friends only with the other races, and forbidden to mingle with blacks.
(c) That they were raised to only mingle with the blacks, and were forbidden to make friends with any other race.
(d) That they grew up thinking the other races were enemies.

2. How does Otis Chandler feel towards improving things around him?
(a) Things are hopeless now no matter how much money there is.
(b) Things are not hopeless nor can everything be improved by throwing money around.
(c) He does not make any statement about the issue.
(d) Things can only be improved by throwing money around.

3. How does Hami Bhabha describe the "twilight"?
(a) An in-between moment of ambivalence.
(b) A moment of total zen.
(c) A moment of total chaos.
(d) A moment of serenity.

4. What comment does Julio Menjivar hear from the police officers who are passing by the looting scene?
(a) A joke about how pleasant it would be if a fire was started.
(b) An expression of fear.
(c) They said that it was fine that they were destroying their own neighborhood.
(d) A threat about starting a fire in the neighborhood.

5. What report does Maxine Waters refer to that discusses the ills of society, among others?
(a) Waters Commission Report.
(b) Report Against Police Violence.
(c) Gates Commission Report.
(d) Kerner Commission Report.

Short Answer Questions

1. What statement does Big Al make about the Rodney King beating and the media attention it receives?

2. Who does Maxine Waters call to complain about many things that are being neglected and need attention?

3. What does the video show at the beginning of the riots?

4. Sheinbaum heard women screaming about people coming into the building. At that same time, what comes through the seven to ten-foot high plate glass windowpanes?

5. What statement does Allison make about the police and their style when it comes to killings?

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