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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The War Zone, The Unheard | The War Zone, Washington.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What organization does Maxine Waters chair?
(a) Congressional Black Caucus.
(b) Caucus Against Violence.
(c) Rage Against White People Organization.
(d) Women's Liberation Society.

2. According to Cornel West, what difference do black men have over black women, which therefore makes them heroes?
(a) Black men are more obedient to the laws of the land.
(b) Black men defy authority while black women cannot.
(c) Black men know how to handle the politics and the environment.
(d) Black men are more ideological.

3. What issues does Maxine Waters confront the President about?
(a) Addiction and crime.
(b) Insufficient educational budget.
(c) Unemployment, hopelessness, and despair.
(d) Lack of housing programs.

4. What assurance does Walter Park hold on to, despite the fact that his wife is not expressive?
(a) She loves him even though she does not express it well.
(b) They have a life insurance policy.
(c) Their home cannot be touched by the rioters.
(d) She will never leave him for another man.

5. What does the video show at the beginning of the riots?
(a) Several policemen talking to themselves, apparently discussing their strategy.
(b) Rodney King exchanging a few angry words with the policemen.
(c) Several men beating Reginald Denny, as well as some women taking pictures of the beating.
(d) Several women fleeing the scene, leaving their cameras in the process.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Big Al, what could Denny have been trying to do by driving his truck down a residential street?

2. According to Cornel West, why do gunfighters become heroes?

3. In what state is Walter Park in while he is being interviewed?

4. Who took a video of the beating from their helicopter over the intersection of Florence and Normandie?

5. What incident does Big Al describe in which he realizes that the conditions in which he lives are so dangerous that everyone must be qualified to carry firearms?

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