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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The War Zone, The Unheard | The War Zone, Washington.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What statement does Big Al make about the Rodney King beating and the media attention it receives?
(a) The media did not fairly potray Rodney King as a model black citizen.
(b) The media should not have been involved and the case will go away quietly.
(c) There was nothing new about black people being beaten, it was just brought into public view this time.
(d) It would have been a normal routine procedure if not for the media exposure it received.

2. Who took a video of the beating from their helicopter over the intersection of Florence and Normandie?
(a) John and Judith Tur.
(b) John and Murika Tur.
(c) Murika and Judith Tur.
(d) Judith Tur and her cameraman.

3. What does Gil Garcetti believe in when it comes to jurors and their participation in trials?
(a) Most jurors take their oath seriously and because the burden of proof in a criminal trial is very high, jurors must carefully examine and consider all evidence in a case.
(b) Ordinary civilians should not be tasked with matters of the law.
(c) The judiciary system has to be changed to give less power to jurors and more to judges and district attorneys.
(d) Most jurors do not take their duties seriously and that their participation in trials be limited to those of observers.

4. What organization does Maxine Waters chair?
(a) Congressional Black Caucus.
(b) Rage Against White People Organization.
(c) Caucus Against Violence.
(d) Women's Liberation Society.

5. What does the video show at the beginning of the riots?
(a) Several women fleeing the scene, leaving their cameras in the process.
(b) Several men beating Reginald Denny, as well as some women taking pictures of the beating.
(c) Several policemen talking to themselves, apparently discussing their strategy.
(d) Rodney King exchanging a few angry words with the policemen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Chris Oh's occupation?

2. There was once a demonstration of 850 people, including Spanish and white people. What is the event that precedes the demonstration?

3. According to Cornel West, why do gunfighters become heroes?

4. What effect does being a policeman have inside a courtroom?

5. What incident does Big Al describe in which he realizes that the conditions in which he lives are so dangerous that everyone must be qualified to carry firearms?

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