Daily Lessons for Teaching Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992

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Objective: Prologue, My Enemy | The Territory, These Curious People Rudy Salas, Sr. feels a strong hatred against white people, and specifically, towards white policemen. He has several issues in life which includes racism and injustices. The objective of this lesson is to analyze Rudy Salas' feelings, and how, as a minority, he feels superior compared to others, which might not be the usual case.

1) 1.) Individual activity: Write a position paper on whether or not Rudy Salas had reasons to sustain his hatred towards the white people over a span of several decades. Is his hatred really fueled by valid incidents, or does his hatred attract, or somehow inspire, the abuse he and his family have endured? Are these incidents magnified because of this strong feeling of hatred he feels towards the white policemen?

2.) Discussion: Salas' feelings towards racism and injustices have clearly affected his everyday lives, to...

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