Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 Character Descriptions

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Characters - This term is the collective term used to describe the people Anna Deavere Smith has interviewed in her research for her story.

Theresa Allison - This character is the founder of the Mothers Reclaiming our Children (ROC) and the mother of gang-truce negotiator Dewayne Holmes.

Anonymous man - This character is a white juror in the first Rodney King trial.

Twilight Bey - This character is a member of the Crips gang and one of the organizers of the truce between two rival gangs, Crips and the Bloods.

Big Al - This moniker is used to refer to this large, ex-gang member and former convict, who believes that you have to look at history to understand the current situation.

Elaine Brown - This character is the former head of the Black Panther Party and author of A Taste of Power.

Allen Cooper - This...

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