Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Prologue, My Enemy | The Territory, These Curious People

• Rudy Salas, Sr. describes his hatred towards white policemen, and how he came to call them the enemy.

• Salas describes how his life has been affected by his strong feelings against racism and injustice, including how his wife and sons behave towards him.

• Stanley K. Sheinbaum, former president of the LA Police Commission, talks about the time when he had the chance to talk to "these curious people", the gangs, and how his group resented his act.

The Territory, When I Finally Got My Vision/Nightclothes | The Territory, They

• Michael Zinzun got into a riot with the police in which he lost one of his eyes. Several police officers were fired, and the city paid him $1.2 million in damages. Since then, he has devoted his time to fighting police abuse.

• Jason Sanford speculates that he would not have been beaten...

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